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Pick Up Artst
08-08-2016, 02:32 AM
hey yo, im not a beta tester, just someone who has watched gameplay and trailers, but i have noticed a few things that may be core to the game play, and as the title of this thread suggests i would like to share them and get some feed back. you might say "yeah, but if i share my knowledge and ideas, wont i lose my competitive edge?", no. the best players play against the best players over and over and over, constantly coming up against good strategy, and developing better strategy to overcome it, and then better strategy to beat the better strategies. the weak players master the first few phases of something, expert players master the 5th 6th and 7th etc phases, but you dont get into those phases unless you and your opponent can survive and persist into those phases, through knowledge sharing. we will need each others help on how our best ideas can be beaten. to make steel you must throw iron into the fire. this thread is not meant to be "how to chop down noobs", its meant to be a place where future champions see each other for the first time, players who will consistently be the last man standing meeting each other. that takes a lot of work, it does not just happen, but here is where it starts.

so after that lengthy introduction i'll share what i have noticed, provide a platform for discussion, and invite other people to share their own ideas and morph this thread into their own data base on the game play.

1)the side stances seem quicker than the top stance, but the top stance seems to do more damage at the cost of a longer animation. risk reward.
if thats true, the basic guard can be held on either of the sides and a top defense can be adapted to when the need arises because there will be a window of time to do so. i have seen a top strike dodged and countered from behind because the animation was so long. combinations will typically involve side strikes, dodges, ramming, parrys and feints etc to set up a top strike... "typically", not as a rule obviously, that is where meta game comes into play, a discussion i hope to inspire here.
2) as prospective last man standing players we will need a strategy on how to get through the early game, building points trying to break our enemy while defending points to prevent from being broken, potentially winning the game without having our team mates run out of respawns. that would be ideal, so that should be a top priority. it doesnt matter how good you are if you are the last one standing and the enemy never runs out of lives, constantly 4v1 against you.
i think there will be kill streak rewards that would help capture locations, and you would farm those kills in other areas. some locations will probably be hard to capture but will stand unprotected for a long time, rushing these and keeping them guarded would be ideal. there will be optimum paths to take for moving from one point to another, and there will be a long way around. there will also be points that are captured easily and fall easily, these will be contested after the fortified areas are captured because fighting for one of these while a fortified area is being taken for free will be a miss-use of time. i cant think of any more ideas on this part of the game right now because i am not a beta tester :( and i have not seen how the maps are fully laid out. (ps, if you could send me a beta test code for the xb1 devs? thnx in advance)

ok, thats a decent thread opener. leave a comment, tip or idea. feed off each other to become a consistent and victorious last man standing :cool: