View Full Version : [BUG REPORT] Treasure Chamber Door wont open

08-02-2016, 04:23 PM
• Seriousness: high

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The doors in boos room wont open, even all creatures are dead. my archer (lv 28) attacked a castle and the actual boss was Lord Marleybone. I killed him while i had raise the dead active and i think Lord Marleybone was under confusion when i finally killed him. His corpse wont despawn and the doors wont open.

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This bug has been on and off for a while now, it's hard to replicate because it depends on random effects (Raise the dead + confusion)

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This picture was taken about 10 minutes after i killed the boss. There were NO creatures left in the entire castle, i checked about 10 times and even destroyed 2 totems.

BTW: Game crashed when i took the screenshot -.-

08-08-2016, 06:53 PM
Hi Schallmau3,
unfortunately there is no support / bugfixing / development for this game anymore since almost exactly a year. And the door bug is plagueing players since the dawn of time and hasn't been dealt with even when there was game support.
But here is what you can do in such a situation ( and did as you wrote, with exception to point three )
First, destroy all the totems (or kill all 'boxed' creatures, explanation follows ) There is an ingame trick, termed 'boxed snotter' where one ( or more ) creature is bound to a totem but is fully encased with barricades and usually hard to spot. If other creatures bound to the totem are aggroed, the encased one is too, but never gets mobile and never shows as a red dot on the 'aggroed creature map' in the top right corner. So, although there are no dots on the map anymore, there are still aggroed creatures, the door won't open and you are tricked into exiting the castle from the menu. Destroying the totem deaggroes a boxed creature and saves you from the pain of finding them all. Check, did that.
Second, if you use the 'Raise dead' property on your headgear, go back to find leftover creatures that have clashed with your skeletons offscreen. These also remain aggroed, stationary and don't show up as red dots on the map. Check, did that.
Third, and finally, if still necessary, cross the drawbridge to the castle entry platform again and pass the point on which your hero has spawned before entering the castle. Wait there for a second or two, then return to the bossroom exit again. Yes, it hurts to traverse most of the castle two additional times but if you destroyed all totems/boxed and leftover creatures, doing this is almost a guarantee to find an open bossroom door. Hope that you'll never find yourself in a situation again in which this info will come in handy...