View Full Version : Looking for friends..

07-30-2016, 10:53 AM
Hello all, I'm new to the ps4 and the division.. currently level 12. I'm from the UK and a dad of two, don't get masses of time to play but would love to meet up with some people playing the division. I think it is a game I'm sticking to.
My psn ID is SgtFlaps

Any posted here I will add :)

08-09-2016, 12:18 PM
ill add you im 19 and im currently stuck on the game and need help so add me corydavies2015 but send a message as you request and i will accept :)

08-12-2016, 03:27 AM
We have a community of like minded players who want to work together and help each other out. Tacticalgaming.net/hq has 3000 members community wide. come look over the site and see if you would be interested.