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07-29-2016, 07:19 PM
GT reapermt

I am currently looking for a crew to play with. i have just started the game so im not that high in lvl but i have a feeling that it wont take long before i am i want to get all the cars in the game and all of there specs but im going to need help in order to do it in the little time i have to play being that i have work and a kid to take care of i will be on the XBOX ONE if anyone wants to join me i will be very thankful BTW i do have the wild run and the season pass

08-02-2016, 03:20 PM

If your serious about joining a family Crew and your an adult over 18 years old.
Contact me on my website!
My crew is looking only for serious talented skilled racers long term!
I'm in the USA and i play 8:30pm to 2am Central Time Zone!
If those times work for you where you live....then contact me back.
read my rules page ....dont worry about the level 50 requirement rule #12.

I'm willing to help build you up if your as good as you say!
In return you join my family and promise not to join any other game racing crews.
Deal is yours for the taking.
Let me know.


Ziltoid Racer
08-02-2016, 03:40 PM
1st off you cannot read the rules page unless you sign up,
i'm guessing you are pc? the op is xbox one,
spamming it everywhere just annoys ppl.

i tried your site but need to sign up, that there is a deal breaker for lots of ppl.

ps: promise not to join any other game racing crews lol, so what are you offering to keep them in your crew?

08-05-2016, 02:53 PM
What am I offering them????

I offer people a chance to make a name for themselves in my family Crew!
I offer them friendship and a safe environment to chat with my crew and other friends who race in other crews that I know and talk to daily!
I am experienced and skilled and I offer them training in learning the best lines in racing and show those less skilled how to win honest and fair!
My crew don't ram or cheat.....I ban cheaters!
I have people in my family that make sure no one dose anything wrong against a family crew member!
We use Dolby Axon and Team Speak 3 to game talk!

I have been playing racing games for over over 35 years!
I'm 45 yeas old soon dude!
My crew is unlike many game crews.
I offer family...were about looking out for each other in the game and, helping each other in events and its a family fun as a crew.

My crew is small currently....but in N.F.S. World over 35+ members were in my crew....before E.A. pulled the plug on N.F.S. World game.
So why all the dark comments.?
If you want to join my crew...sign up for free to view the website!
There's no conspiracy to do that...LOL!

Take Care
Founder & Captain ;)
Blvd69 Crew

Bye From Blvd69:cool: