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07-25-2016, 01:56 PM
There was going to be an opportunity to ask questions at a livestream event that was cancelled or postponed and I've noticed that the questions For Honor communities have have changed more toward learning about the final product. That's great and all and I'm just as excited for the game as the next guy but I think there is a golden opportunity here to learn about other aspects of the game and perhaps some of these could be passed on or answered by the people involved in making the game to give us fans a different view on the game. My questions might better explain the information I'm talking about not exactly pertaining to the game and at the current moment not being able to be answered by the community because in the long run we'll have the opportunity to play once the game is released and the other kinds of questions will eventually all have answers.

It's been mentioned that feedback is very important to the team and I'm sure you've all spent time swimming in oceans of feedback from time to time by now; have there been any direct changes made to the game that was a result of feedback?

Were there any time that ideas, mechanics, game modes, or weapons that were implemented or passed around the room that ended up not meeting your expectations or for one reason or another got scrapped? Could you share any of these honorable mentions?

With the customization options we've seen thus far I notice more and more broad representation and with the beautiful animations and gameplay I can't help but notice everyone's right handed. I know the idea spawned from a course in German longswords and the Lefties in any martial art can throw a real curve ball, was this something that got looked at or intentionally designed?

Every person I see involved in the game seems so passionate about it and really stoked to share that experience with their product. Will it be a possibility that we may find ourselves fighting alongside or against the devs come release day or after?

07-26-2016, 03:31 PM
All good questions. We definitely have a passionate group working on the title. Now only if I could fast forward time to launch day so I can play with everyone!