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07-20-2016, 11:59 AM

Recently bought ACS again for my second playthrough (For me that is very poor seeing as I have all the others at 15 minimum now), and it occurred to me that half of this years rumour was true. The rumour being a year break from AC and the next in Egypt.

Whilst playing ACS I was thinking to myself of how ACS is a fun game, but hasn't evolved the franchise in any way. The next is my personal opinion but this is how I see AC games:

AC1 - AC2 = Evolution
AC2 - ACR = Same Quality
AC3 = De-Evolution (Side mission e.g collecting materials to complete a mission cost more than the reward, parkour too automatic, bad console performance etc. NOT CONNOR)
AC4 = Evolution
ACU - ACS = Same Quality

As said before, ACS is a fun game, but it's not an evolution of the franchise by any means, but that's where I think Egypt can help. I have a few ideas for an Egypt set game that could make AC feel fresh.

An interconnected map of desert, cities and locations. Sort of like AC4's Caribbean map. Seamlessly going from desert into a city, although small, would be something not done in an AC game before.
Sandstorms should play a big part in the game and be dynamic. This would in turn make Eagle Vision something to rely on to help you "See" through the haze. Having an animation to pull up a balaklava so we dont choke to death would be cool too.
Horse combat could be interesting, or perhaps more things to do on your horse. In MGSV you can cling to the side of a horse to get past guards. Being able to spear enemies off horses could be very satisfying.
Pyramids for viewpoints. This might not seem like a big one, but think of it more in the sense of they wont be able to reuse assets. Everything will be fresh and new in how the game will look
How about Parkour "mistakes". Visualise the buildings in AC1 Jerusalem and how the buildings weren't all grid like. They were imperfect, had cracks, some crumbling away. In Dying Light if you make too big of a jump onto certain roof surfaces you fall through. I would like this in an AC game where you really have to think more about where you are parkouring. It could also be used as a good lure for guards to follow you and then end up falling through a roof.
Parkour meets combat. Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Trilogy did this in such a fantastic way. You could use enemies or the environment to pull of combat moves. For example a vertical wall run backflip to land behind a group of enemies. This could lead to you stabbing them in the back or running away. ACR even had a bit of parkour in combat with the "hook and run". How about parkouring off an enemy and using him as a vault to jump over him whilst bringing your sword down into someones face? Blending parkour and combat would make for the perfect fighting system and considering AC1 was originally a PoP title, it's combat system is ridiculously simplistic, even now with ACS.

Those are my ideas for Egypt. My own ideas make me hyped, which might be bad, as they probably wont ever happen, but I would love to see them in an Egypt setting.

What do you guys hope to get from the rumoured Egyptian game?

07-20-2016, 03:17 PM
An AC in Ancient Egypt is going to play pretty differently to what we've seen before. A couple of your ideas would be affected by the landscape. I don't know a huge amount about Egyptian history, but from what little I do know...

The Nile used to flood the land surrounding it in response to rains upstream at Ethiopia (Egypt's own cities rarely received rainfall of their own). It's not entirely accurate to imagine these cities as desert environments. The flood water used to carry fertilisers into the soil surrounding the Nile, which is the root of Ancient Egypt's success. Vast amounts of food were required to feed the inhabitants of the cities, so the flood plains were even extended with irrigation channels to make the most of that land. As soon as the flood water stopped (or irrigation channels ran to their limits), the break to desert sands was immediate and that's where the majority of serious building work took place. Imagine a very lush and green view, with the desert visible at the cities' far edge.

Cities did not extend too far into this desert, however, since the population was reliant upon the river for both water and food (plus a lot of the things each city produced would tend to be distributed via riverboats, except where strings of oases provided a pathway via land). So we're looking at long stretches of urban settlements following the river rather than a situation where people would be travelling into the desert routinely and seeing the landscape change. You'd need to follow a fairly linear path with the river to get from place to place, going through each one in turn or skipping them via boat.

The pyramids at Giza were built a long way from Memphis, well into the desert, something that was only possible because of the way the deltas spread from the Nile towards the coast and thus provided a semi-circle of comfortable Nile-fed lands from which to make the journeys for the building process. Aside from the need for stable dry land for these permanent monuments, they were also built into the desert for another reason; this area was a special "city" for the dead, while Memphis was for the living. Therefore, there would be not much benefit for the assassins in climbing a pyramid for a better look at the environs; after an extremely boring and difficult climb up the pyramid's surface (remember, the "steps" we see today are the internal brickwork revealed by the erosion of the original flat plaster faces of the pyramids), the people and buildings of Memphis would be invisible to them.

Those weren't the only pyramids and not all pyramids were built so far from communities, but they were all built west of the Nile which again limits their usefulness as viewpoints. Although there were over a hundred pyramids (depending on when the game is set, of course!) they were spread out very far in terms of geography. There'll be many interesting viewpoint-worthy buildings and monuments in the city architecture. I bet the pyramids will play a part, but maybe for what's underneath them rather than for their height. I doubt Ubisoft can resist the idea of the pyramids being built to hide TWCB temple entrances!

07-20-2016, 04:14 PM
I doubt Ubisoft can resist the idea of the pyramids being built to hide TWCB temple entrances!
Actually, something else you wrote has me thinking now:

Cities did not extend too far into this desert, however, since the population was reliant upon the river for both water and food (plus a lot of the things each city produced would tend to be distributed via riverboats, except where strings of oases provided a pathway via land).

What if the game takes place mostly on coast of the Nile, with large and empty expanses of desert on either bank? And the point of the game is to complete the quests, which will grant access via key and map to an enormous hidden TWCB temple out in the desert. It could be well hidden, thus needing a map, but the key would be the last item earned, thus making it necessary to finish most of the story first.

Then, there could be many smaller TWCB temples out in the desert wastes that don't need keys, and need only to be found- perhaps these could be more puzzle related, instead.

07-20-2016, 07:28 PM
pyramids for viewpoints. This might not seem like a big one, but think of it more in the sense of they wont be able to reuse assets. Everything will be fresh and new in how the game will look

Well it wouldn't be the first pyramid that we've seen in the series. As for some of the climbing animations, it would probably be similar to the ones that are used on steep surfaces (Notre Dame and Tower Bridge, etc). It would probably depend on the period/time, maybe when the pyramids are still being completed (in which case the climb might feel like the pyramids/temples we've seen in AC4).


07-20-2016, 09:09 PM
1) Like this one, it may be like the Caribbean. Perhaps there are caravans to plunder and/or save from bandits. Maybe there are like bandit caves you can sneak into. Maybe some cool rock climbing (not sure how flat the desert is in Egypt, but I think they should try and inject some verticality into it.

2) Yes, sand was pretty awesome in Uncharted 3, interesting to see what they'll do with it. Like the idea of it affecting visibility (should make you less visible, but since you have EV you can get the upper hand).

3) Horses, Camels, maybe chariots? I just hope the horses feel fast, fluid and like they have momentum this time. Should feel exciting to ride, just like the parkour (it's so good to be an armchair dev, because I'd have no idea how to do that :D!). I think the desert will be much easier for that than the forest was. Also on the newer hardware they may be able to stream/load more so the horses can be faster. Spears or bow with some kind of slow-mo mechanic for easier aiming would be awesome. And arrows that stick correctly this time.

4) I suspect there will be pyramids for something ;).

5) I hope the tombs (or some version of them) are back. But perhaps this time they could have some traps that requires a bit of timing to pass? Basically AC was an evolution of PoP but I've never felt they reached the same heights in terms of having fun while platforming as PoP did. PoP isn't hard, but it has that little extra which makes it feel fun. Wouldn't mind having some cracks like you describe that are possible to see and take advantage of. Wouldn't want too much randomness though.

Aaaargh my PC is looking burnt brb!!!!

07-20-2016, 09:23 PM
Here's a few things i'd like to see in AC Empire:
1. Revamped Combat
i want a new combat system that's challenging but also fun at the same time IMO the combat in Unity was kinda... uhh... boring i guess? I mean sure you could parry and all of that stuff but there was little fun factor. again like i said the combat should be challenging at the same time and not like some of the older games in which you can kill enemies by just countering.
2 Actual Progression
I want to see a real progression system in the game i know some people might say that progression systems are annoying and such but if done right they can be good. Not like the leveling system in Syndicate. That was not good. I managed to win the boss fight with Lucy Thorne without upgrading at all. Sure i died a few times but i just had to memorize her attacks and when to press the right button even though it was a little hard and took a long time (because my hits did little damage to her) i still managed to finish it without upgrading. That's a weak progression system they need a really good one.
3.Feel & sense of being an Assassin/Adventure
I know this might sound stupid but i want the game to make you feel like an actual Assassin and give that sense of Adventure. Here is a made up example: Say we as the player see a hidden cave from a distance and we say to ourselves i want to discover that cave. If they manage to capture that feeling then it'll be really amazing.

Alright here were a few things i'd like to see i'm pretty sure i'll have some new ones in the future but for now i think this is pretty much it.

07-22-2016, 06:27 AM
I'd rather see them use the inside of the pyramids more heavily than the outside. They could do all sorts of things with the interior of the pyramids; there are still chambers in them that are unknown even to modern archaeologists. Hell, there could be several tomb missions in any one of them, gradually unlocked as Hero Guy finds their location based on old maps or rumors. As for the exterior, though... I mean, they look cool, but it would be one hell of a boring climb, as someone pointed out already. It should probably still be possible in-game, but I'm not like super hyped to run up the side of a flat pyramid face. And I reaaaaally hope they don't do something cheesy like putting the final assassination target at the pinnacle, using a PoE from on high. It's probably going to be Darby and Ashraf writing it though, so my hopes are high :)