View Full Version : Unity - Killing Marie Levesque

07-19-2016, 10:16 PM
After probably 15 or more tries at completing The Hoarders and killing Marie I finally got a shot at her and incapacitated her. Problem is she was on a window ledge and is now stuck there. She is not dead and writhes around like she is about to have an orgasm and I can't finish her off. I've gotten rid of all the guards in the area and an instruction keeps popping up telling me to get hear her and press the square button to assassinate her. Unfortunately nothing works and I can't get the job done. I've tried shooting her and blowing her off the ledge with bombs but nothing works. What now?


Edit: I closed the game and restarted it. Had to replay the mission but luckily I managed to complete it.

07-20-2016, 03:46 AM
My fav way to do that mission is to sneak in from one of the 2nd floor windows on the western side.

1. There's the northern room, filled with furniture covered in sheets. Only one guard comes in through here.
2. There's a window that leads directly into Thomas Levesque's prison. You can lockpick the lvl 2 door, whereupon Thomas'll distract the 3 guards (there's a bug where the third guard might not budge for ~0.5 min, but he won't detect you even if you run past him).

1. Both ways take you to the lvl 1 door.
2. There're 2 snipers that watch the ballroom, and 1 brute that guards the hallway.
3. Once they're neutralized, you can choose to immediately air assassinate Marie once she's in range (you can throw in a smoke bomb beforehand), or
4. You can go for a quiet kill. Control descent into a blend group, just make sure Marie and the guards don't see you doing it. While remaining in a blend group, just sneak up behind her two bodyguards, low-profile double assassinate, then take care of your final target before she hears the bodies collapse.
5. If you go for step 4 you can climb back up to the 2nd floor.
The window in Thomas' prison should do nicely for your escape.