View Full Version : AC Syndicate free roam i5-4570 gtx 970

07-18-2016, 08:51 PM
I recorded some gameplay of AC syndicate if someone has a similar PC they can go and check how it performs


My Specs:

Cpu: i5-4570
Gpu: msi gtx 970
8GB of ram

07-23-2016, 01:22 AM
My opinion: Although you don't always see it when the game is stationary, as it usually is when you're flipping between different settings, I think Shadow Quality is one of the biggest fators in making polygon-economised models look good in motion. Shadows give models shape in all lighting conditions, night and day. The AC engine has a difficult time with rendering shadows in general, making them flickery and unpleasant-looking at times. With so many shadow-dependent elements in AC (close-ups of human faces, big shadows thrown by architecture, dappled shadows from trees), when you have a card that can give you a good base performance in this game then shadows should be one of the first things you allow to take extra resources. Use PCSS if you can, rather than PCSS Ultra, since the latter comes with a pretty high fps tax.

You've given Ultra settings to AO instead, and a high setting for AA. If I were you, I'd avoid that. You seem to be close to hitting 60FPS at the moment, but not quite, and thus you've got VSync off. I don't know about you, but I hate screen-tearing even more than I hate low fps. AA is fine with simple FXAA (remember, you should be aiming for the best quality in motion, not when still), and AC is a high VRAM game. AA also uses up your VRAM overhead, so it's best not to use higher settings unless you're absolutely sure your card has the spare memory to do it.

HBAO+ Ultra is an "icing on the cake" setting for people with extreme GPUs. Go to simple SSAO, get your fps consistently above 60fps, and then try HBAO+ to see if you can achieve it still. It might only be a couple of fps different. If you can't, keep it on SSAO. If you don't like it on SSAO and can't see the effect any more, you might even consider turning it off if there's a performance boost there. AO in general is a subtle effect which doesn't tend to add a great deal of lushness to the image. If I had a 1080, I'd definitely have it switched on to HBAO+ Ultra because that card could handle it, but at 1440p my 980 takes a significant hit if I go that far.