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07-18-2016, 01:56 AM
So basically let me get this idea out there.
Many of the members within the Ubisoft players and population are within clans and try to enjoy there time playing with that, but lets be honest having to add your name with a stupid clan tag as you can see <---- is extremely generic and annoying to do it.

The suggestion I have is for Ubisoft to add a "Clan or Group" section within the Ubisoft client that will allow you to join a select group or clan and not have to change your name from something like StupidMrBatman to something like TAG_MrBatman, it would instead automatically assign you the clan tags that will allow you to have the clan tag on when you join a select game like right now the 2 main games I play are The Division and Rainbow Six Siege, and honestly having my name cut out for the clan tags are extremely annoying.

So the suggestion is, you have a group/clan system within Ubisoft Client.
Within that clan system there will be options in what game you would like to have the tags within.
After checking a select game you will launch that game and start playing and the clan tag will be there with any random brackets like [TAG] or TAG_ ect...
Which will make it extremely cleaner and allow people to find other clans much more easily and eventually become more... reliable on the Ubisoft Client because lets be honest there is 0% System for clans within these games and honestly there needs to be because almost 60% of the population of these games are needing a clan support system.

It would cause less aggro and actually help out the community in many ways then one!

So the basic suggestion is to add a Clan/Group System within the Official Ubisoft Client, Instead of having people change there names for there select games they play.

The reason is for the members of the Ubisoft community wouldn't have to continuously change there names to try support there select clan.

07-18-2016, 02:08 AM
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07-28-2016, 12:09 PM
tag as you can see <---- is extremely - What doi you mean under this? Was there any link where I can see what you are talikng about?