View Full Version : Squad bug, Host bug, Reload bug , Invisible gun bug, Stuck frost trap bug

07-17-2016, 06:25 PM
I want to report the following bugs on PC version:

1) In a multiplayer game after reloading I was reloading to 0 bullets each time even though I had plenty left. Switching to hand gun worked first time. When that was empty reloeading gave me 0 bullets every time for both guns. This makes the round unplayable.

2) When picking up armor and canceling during your main gun goes invisible. Fixes itself when switching to other gun and back.

3) After being rescued out of Frost trap I could not move, look around or shoot anymore. Allies saw me as needed to be revived but could not help me. Made
the round unplayable.

4) When hosting a custom match, set to host invite only, other players can still join after first match completed.

5) Why is the entire squad disbanded when someone goes back to main menu? You have to re-invite the whole time.