View Full Version : Increase magic items on the heroes / Edit mechanisms [suggestion]

07-17-2016, 10:04 AM
Hello everyone!

I suggest an increase in Magic locations.

How to you it stinks from 13 objects (Heroes 2 and 3) to 8 (heroes 7)?




For me the rings can be worn over gloves. A hero must at least wear a ring on each hand ... beyond one could doubt his manhood, if it is a man. The Magic sites could also be different depending on their class and gender (the feeling that I'm asking too much;)). It is a parameter that could go into consideration when taking a knight for example. The knight is a secondary hero because he has primary skill "economy." Suppose the locations of objects are facing the features that boost his army, and you will have a good general / main hero.


The left and right wrists, the belt, thighs, arms, tattoos / runes, body (assimilation of the object by the body), hair (pin, barrette, hair, rings for horse queu,...) the left and right ears, pockets, the mount (flank, dress ...), noze, the mouth ... are potential locations.

Other mechanisms may be born to give life to magical objects less gloomy:

_The Gloves armor plate that locks the location of the wrist, see the rings. a closed padlock is then placed on the locked location.

_of sub-locations could be identified: bags on the belt, quiver of arrows on the chest armor, 2nd sword belt, ...

_The Object locations may also depend on the faction. Wood Elves would quiver a location for example.

_The Power of objects may vary depending on the number of occupied sites. The scepter with 2 hands is 1.5x more powerful (on average) than the stick with one hand, for example.

_The Duo objects on the same type of location could be a choice at the beginning of each round of fighting, which would allow a strategic choice. 1st or 2nd sword, according to the type of fight.

_The Sets provides passive bonus features mainly, objects provide a free lot, but there is no set of objects that brings a spell cast with lots of power. again I think there is an easy niche.

_Some Objects could unlock other locations. The belt could unlock a secondary location for a sword.

_A Hierarchy of objects could be created: quilted leather armor, chain mail, play various magical armor, for example. Some pieces would unlock other locations in this kind of hierarchy. An armory building castles in some locations could be unlocked by providing basic objects, to place afterwards the magical objects in secondary locations. For example: you have two swords, but no belt. So you bought the armory building and you go to your castle, as if you wanted to buy a magic item. So your two swords benefit your hero / military. This hierarchy could be symbolized by lines connecting the locations and lighting so colorful when they are available or occupied (the (s) ring (s) should also be colored in the same color). So the player would be some clarity on its possibilities.

_A New craft building could also make changes on some objects: ring => piercing, earring; banner => tattoo, decorative armor / shield ... This building and would adapt some object to the possibilities of heroes.

P.s : say me, if you are don't understand a word. I don't speak english very well...