View Full Version : Hey ubisoft dev's, the boss battles have combat VERY limited, check out what i mean

07-17-2016, 04:05 AM
when i attempted to capture dah, i wanted to take him head on in a melee battle, but it's IMPOSSIBLE without the antidote, which the game doesn't allow me to get untill a few missions later, even though i'm inclined to battle him without it, using ranged combat/ Plus, when taking on UII,he doesn't react to melee damage/ i TRIED taking him head on to prove my strength, and to get vengeance for his raid on my village in the beginning of the game, but as i kept hitting him, he'd just do ONE hit on me, nearly taking me out,without even flinching, even with my power blows i dealt. We all know how the Izilla boss is, n i personally don't mind ONE ranged battle to mix things up a bit, but this entire game's boss battle system is mostly ranged attacks, with the 1 exception being with the battle against roshani. He's got no "poison shield" protecting him, and he's also in an open range battle fortress, where i can duel him personally. When i land power blows on him, he's stunned for a sec, before returning the favor, forcing me to react, n plan my attacks. It was a great challenge on realistic combat that isn't implemented in the rest of the boss battles. What are yalls thoughts on this? :cool:

03-10-2017, 09:27 PM
Welp, i beat primal 3 times and playing with different approaches everytime. Far cry is not as full of possibilities as Dishonored for example, but is still a game in which you can conquer your objectives in many different ways, and that includes the final bosses (at least for me - eg: ive beat Dah only with melee weapons on hardest difficulty).
To beat Ull only with you melee weapon you have to jump and hit him from behind. Yeah it makes very little damage on him but i believe it is possible to kill him that way. You have to jump from behind, hit him, run back and do it again.

12-09-2019, 06:22 AM
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