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07-14-2016, 03:48 PM
I am looking for the best way to get these perks.

1. Triple kill

2. Quadra kill

3. Combat mastery

4. Multi-counter kill

5. Fancy moves

6. Countershot

7.Road Rage

8. London drift

9. Gone lawing

10. Riding shotgun

11. Death by rook

12. cover assassinate

13. Shoot the messenger

14. Electrifying

16. Vanish in smoke

17. Knife kill

07-14-2016, 08:19 PM
1 & 2. Fight clubs are a pretty decent place to grind these out if you want to unlock them asap, make sure to buy the Slayers 1 and 2 skills if you don't have them already. Whitechapel fight club could be the place to start since enemies are weaker, you can bring them to near-death in one stun, but high-lvl clubs work too. The most consistent way I've found - so far - to initiate multi-kills is to bring the first 2 enemies (or 3 if you're going for quadra-kills) to near-death, then bring the last enemy to near death. Before you finish off the last enemy, spin the camera around so that the other enemies are highlighted in a white outline. The white outline can be a bit finicky, sometimes it'll just refuse to cover all the enemies. Hopefully someone knows a better strat. Doing it this way I got 6 quadra-kills after making it through 2 fight clubs.

3. Combat Mastery. Picking on weaker enemies can make this easier, but you can also do this on lvl 9-10 enemies if you've a decent weapon and the Slayers 1 and 2 skills. Fight Clubs can help if you don't want to run around the city looking for enemies, you can also use the Cargo Hijacks in alley ways since the enemies respawn after you leave the area.

4. Gonna need a little more patience for this one. Bring 2-3 enemies to near-death state (you can skip this when facing weaker enemies). Just wait for 2 guys to attack, press the counter button to finish them. Should work most of the time. I tried to do this by bringing 8 enemies together, believing that it would increase the chances of the double-counter, but it never happened with that many enemies around (for me at least).

5. Fancy move: attack once with the X button (on xb1 controller), then press the Y button to use the selected ranged weapon (either knife or pistol work). Rinse and repeat until you're out of ammo or the enemies are dead. Respawning enemies in high lvl Cargo Hijacks in the alleyways might be fastest place to do this. Using a weaker gun with 6 shots and a weak melee weapon can maximize the number of times you can do it per fight.

6. If you want to perform this as many times as possible per fight, you'll want to use weaker pistols and/or knives, and be surrounded by a ton of enemies. Try to pick a place with several snipers (near same elevation as you).

7. Firetrucks and low-lvl districts should make the grind a little quicker. Certain alleyways and streets in Whitechapel allow you to speed in a straight line and run over several police and blighters fairly quickly. You can also do this at cargo hijack areas found in alleyways, just make sure the it's in a lower level district like Lambeth or Southwark.

8. I think Westminster is one of the better districts to do this. There are certain neighborhoods and parks that are small enough that you can ride around them with your carriage in a continuous circle. When you turn a corner, hold down on the brakes. I noticed you can get these if you use the breaks and swerve left and right while driving in the straight line but I prefer using it on corners.

9. Westminster might be the best place to do this, it feels like there are more police wagons there. What I do is I hang off the left side of the carriage, assassinate the police on the passengar side. Then climb up, press the hijack button before the driver can react. Should work most of the time once you've gotten the hang of it. I read that you can also just shoot the passenger (if you have a weapon that can kill them in one shot) then quickly hijack the driver. Haven't tried the second method yet.

10. Cargo Hijacks and Escorts might be a good place to start. You'll usually get chased by 4-6 enemy carriages, just shoot the horse or the driver. Free-aim is better since you can go for headshots.

11. Fastest way to do this is to liberate the child labor factories, or strongholds/HQs. Recruit as many Rooks and go on a killing spree. If you've already purchased all the Rook upgrades, then they should be able to carve through innocent and guilty like butter. But if you haven't upgrade them yet, then participate in the fights by bring enemies to near-death then letting your Rooks finish them with the last hit.

12. There's likely a better place to do this but I noticed Buckingham palace (the front courtyard) can be a decent place to start. Just hide behind the cover, whistle, then assassinate. Helps if you do this with Evie's upgrades since she's less likely to get noticed.

13. Can't think of a faster way to do this except to go in the gang areas or child labor factories, just let someone - usually the Lookout archetype represented with an eye-icon on the map - run to the alarm bell and kill them before they can ring it. I think it was one of the gang strongholds in Westminster that had two alarm bells and two Lookouts, let one Lookout spot you and kill them before they hit the alarm, then repeat with the other lookout. Can't remember if this works on the Lookouts that you can find on the Train heists, but it should if you stop them from reaching the reinforcement cars.

14. Find a place with a lot of enemies clumped up, it can help if you haven't conquered all of London yet. Can also do this in the alleyways with Cargo Hijack missions. If you fully upgraded your voltaic bomb capacity, this way if you find a good spot you can just spam the bomb until you run and it can also reduce the number of times you need to restock them.

15. Vanish in smoke. Just provoke some guards, throw a smoke bomb to prevent them from pursuing, then use the rope launcher to get onto the roof. Wait until your incognito, rinse and repeat. Buckingham palace can be a good place if you've already conquered all the boroughs and have trouble finding enemies.

16. Knife kill. Best way to do this is with Evie, when behind cover, if you have most of the knife upgrades (minimises the number of times you need to restock). If you can't one-shot enemies with a headshot then you'll want to grind this in a lower lvl district. Most restricted zones will respawn enemies when you're far away enough, so just rinse and repeat.

p.s. I've only started the game last week so these are the strategies that I can think of at the moment. I'm sure you can find better tips on youtube and trophy/achievement forums.

07-16-2016, 01:24 AM
I was able to do some of these with your help: 11 12 17 still trying to do the other ones

07-20-2016, 04:59 AM
What is the best way to do Combat Mastery

07-26-2016, 03:55 AM
Still looking for tips on Combat Mastery

07-26-2016, 06:47 AM
Are you looking for a place to farm it or are you having difficulty taking down 4 enemies in 12 seconds?

If the former try the easy fight clubs in white chapel, southwark, Thames or Lambeth. Or you can go to the a cargo hijack inside an alleyway (they seem to populate the map during daytime). After you kill the enemies just run for ~70 meters then go back. The enemies should re spawn.

To take down 4 enemies in 12 seconds try to have a weapon that exceeds the level of the enemies. Example: This can go easier if you're using a lvl 10 weapon versus lvl 2 enemies. It also helps immensely if you have the Slayers 1 and 2 perks. You do not need to use double, triple, or quadra kills animations to obtain the perk. Multi kills are discouraged because some can take awhile to finish. Make sure you kill 4 enemies in a single fight. If you're facing enemies that are lower level than you, then you usually only have to press the stun button (X on ps4) to bring them to the near-death state, then press the attack button (square on ps4). Some enemies are weak enough that countering them (with the O button) should take them out in one button press.

I've not tried using voltaic bombs during combat but the splash damage might also help you get the perk?

Hope these help.

09-29-2017, 03:21 AM
Ben trying to do this for two days nowand I can't get one unlocked. I've watched videos and this is driving me insane please help