View Full Version : July 12th - Maintenance

07-11-2016, 06:25 PM
Here is the list of changes to be implemented with the July 12th maintenance:

Reduced the base damage of all G36 Assault Rifles by 15%.
Fixed a bug where named weapons could not have their talents recalibrated.
Fixed a bug where the Megamap would not open for some players.
Fixed a bug where using the Evacuation Point in Underground before the new Objective Notification has appeared caused the mission UI to break.
Fixed a bug where the AlphaBridge Gloves could miss some of their attributes. Note: this change is retroactive, which means that all attributes on existing AlphaBridge Gloves will be rerolled.
Fixed a bug where the game music would stop completely when logging out while inside an Incursion.
Fixed a bug where recalibrating the last Talent on the PP-19 submachinegun would not yield a free Talent.
Fixed a bug where the Sentry Gear Set bonus would incorrectly apply when using The Showstopper automatic shotgun.
Fixed a bug where using a Signature Skill could cause the visual effect to be applied to all nearby players (not just group members).
Fixed a bug where weapon talents could stack indefinitely while using the Alpha-Bridge Gear Set 4-piece bonus.
Fixed a bug where recalibrating weapon talents would yield a random bonus, instead of the one selected in the UI.
Fixed a bug where players would die when returning to certain missions after respawning in a safe house.
Fixed a bug where PC players would be able to use multiple consumables at the same time.