View Full Version : detect if connected to internet or not

07-11-2016, 08:58 AM
when I launch uplay can you make it so it detects if I'm connected to net and launch uplay accordingly
not connected go offline mode
are connected go online mode
I know I can set it to go offline mode always, then go online from there.
I'm pretty sure it used to go offline mode automatically when not connected to net.

also remove the uplay update failed screen when I have always go offline mode checked.

also again can you make it so I only have to put in login info once and NEVER ask me again when I launch uplay.
it does ask me for login info if I don't have offline mode checked and launch when not connected to net.

there is a bit more I can ask for but I think it will be fixed with the first ask.
and I think the third ask would probably be fixed with the first ask.

hope this makes sense, if you need me to elaborate more I can.


08-19-2016, 06:51 PM
I don't know why but it sounds like you have an outdated client. Either check version.txt in the uplay folder (should be higher than 4900 now IIRC) or the release notes in the menu (should be August the latest one)

For the automatic thing, sure it's possible and it has very minor edge cases or annoyance cases (like what if there is an intermittent outage right when you log in). I can add it to the feature list and we'll talk about it next when we yell at each other about what to do next :)

The password thing should work, might be the update fail state resets the remember me password value so you need to log in, might be a bug but I don't remember see this happen recently.