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07-10-2016, 02:47 AM
The game looks very promising and I'm already hyped for the release

I'd like to ask some questions:

1. Will there be resort like snowparks?

2. Will there be equipment of well known 'freestyle brands' such as: Line, J Skis, Armada, Saga, etc.? (I only know ski brands :p)

3. From the gameplay i've seen the jumping looks very poppy. Will there be different modes where you can change the realism. For example Skate 3 had a realistic mode where you couldn't jump as high as in the other modes, and also the landings were'nt too forgiving

4. In replay mode: Will you be able to unlock the camera from your character? This would enable us users to capture our runs from different angles, so we could make own movies/edits

5. You guys should take a look at the curnius run in Laax :p

07-12-2016, 07:26 AM
I agree with 3. A realism mode is very important. It basically made Skate 3.

The gameplay right now needs a touch more realism. For example during some landings, especially the good ones, the character does not display any impact and looks like he has the weight of a piece of paper.
The G-force display is nice for bad landing, but also here the character essentially remains stiff and shows no animation/physics-blending of the bad impact, for example at snowboard landings sideways

Also the paragliding movement is way to instant and jerky. Like Super Mario Gameplay on a paraglider..