View Full Version : We need the missing story of how Raelag becomes Agrael!!!!

07-09-2016, 06:04 PM
Guys, I can't believe nobody has addressed this yet. Raelag was leading the Dark Elves in homm 6, now in homm 7, the only person who seems to remember him is Sorshan. I think a fantastic Inferno expansion would be one that goes over the story of how Raelag joins Kha-Beleth, and how Kha-Beleth becomes the demon sovereign. In homm 6, there are demon overlords that each lead their own armies (such as pain, hatred, destruction). In homm 5, Kha-Beleth is the ultimate leader of all the demons, therefore there is a time when he kills or gets rid of the demon overlords. What better way is there to test Agrael, his new apprentice? Maybe Agrael will prove his worth and earn his sovereign's trust by getting rid of the demon overlords. What do you guys think?

07-10-2016, 06:49 AM
Actually,I think the Story of Agrael/Raelag was told in Homm 5 already,at least the second half, about how Agrael wants to become good again and transforms back to Raelag. Maybe they can do a prequel of how Raelag becomes Agrael?

07-11-2016, 02:39 PM
Agrael/Raelag was one of my favourite charactures during playing H5 but I have never found any logic in his story after playing H6 SoD.

Raelag's short bio:

1. Raelag was the leader of the Soulscar clan
2. Raelag was very close to demons worship
3. Raelag left his clan and left Sylsai to rule instead of him
4. Raelag returned and became a new leader uniting three main clans together
5. Raelag refused the alliance with demons, therefore he fought Sylsai
6. Raelag became the leader of all dark elves
7. Raelag somehow became a demon. And this is a problem. Why? He had fought them before and it seemed he had understood how dangerous and bad idea the alliance with demons is. In the end of SoD, he strongly dislikes Kha-Beleth. In spite of all these facts, he became a demonlord serving him? It does not make any sense. He was the leader of the whole faction? Why to get rid of it in favor of things he refused? And why nobody remembers him?

8. After years of serving Kha-Beleth, Raelag met Isabel, fell in love with her and started to fight against Kha-Beleth again.
9. Raelag became dark elf again.
10. Raelag had to join three main clans together - again.
11. Raelag fought against Soulscar to avoid the alliance with demons - again.
12. Raelag was the leader of dark elves - again.
13. Raelag rescued Isabel, afterwards, he had to leave.
Another problem. In H5 HoF, it is mentioned he had to leave because Tieru ordered him to prevent the become of Dark Messiah. However, Dark Messiah comes and nothing is mentioned about Raelag. Nobody knows about him. Why would he leave Isabel (as we see, he still loves her) if he would not like to do anything?