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07-05-2016, 09:50 PM
Hello everyone!

I have a new proposal!

The ambush has long been used to defend its positions. Often it comes to its area, region ... a land that knows the defender inside out and it will be very well used to snatch a deserved victory. When the number is not in favor of the defender, the ambush is more appropriate.

The goal is to provide the best gaming experience with more strategy in this new feature on board.

Here are the rules I propose:

_This Ambush could be activated at any location or the hero can go.
_If The ambush is practical, it must be time! The defender loses ambushed the end of the movement + a complete round of movement (same as bridges repairs)
_The Defender ambushed the chosen battleground among those that are available in conjunction with the ground
_The Defender may have barricades or natural features (rivers, trees, ...) to slightly turn the ground to his advantage. Example: you are Sylvain and you decided to take a large map to facilitate shooting, you place a large tree on the left the right corner for your shooter does not make flanked front and thistles to slow down and hurt your enemy
_The ambush Would be limited to hero governor to defend his domain
_A Time ambush in place, the hero disappears in the eyes of the enemy as if he was teleported.
_The ambush is triggered as a fight if the enemy passes within a box defender.

It would be good that the ambush is a skill tree, which is complementary to "War", which is usless for too many for my taste opus. The silvain took advantage with a little Ivor and brand "revenge of nature" that "he affixes to his enemy. Apart from one or more cases," War "is simply unnecessary.

Example skill tree "Ambush"

Novice Ambush: an ambush can be declared in the region of origin by any hero.

Entrenched: the hero has an extra element of barricade. (The barricade and stop doing damage as flukes)

Defender / Governor: 4 traps can be posted on a city of defense outside the walls and before the fight. the trap 1x1 box, he lost 100 pv and stop the creature.

war machines: catapult can be used on enemy creatures for the first 2 turn. the impact is uncertain at 1 space around the set position (9 square boxes) and will have an inertia of 2 other boxes in the line of fire damage with a degression. 500 damage to pv mpact on the area; 200 and 100 on the next box on the 3rd.

Expert Ambush: an ambush may be declared in areas controlled by the player with any hero.

Trapper: 4 1x1 box traps can be posted on the battlefield.

flaming projectiles: war machines of the projectiles burn all those they touch. 100 points of extra life at the beginning of next 3 rounds. All units around (1 box of worn) loses 10 morals. The units affected by projectiles suffer a loss of 20 morale.

Master Ambush: an ambush may be declared in any region, any hero of the player.

Shooters and flaming projectiles: all shooting creatures sending flaming projectiles.

Grandmaster Ambush:

Initiative: The defender has a 30 Initiative bonus for the 2 firsts turns an ambush.

Some examples in video ambushes: