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07-04-2016, 11:56 PM
So I've finished the story and went out the streets to fool around.
I reached infront of The Pantheon where guards started to attack me and it turned into a massive battle.
One of the guards knocked me down and somehow I just fell through the floor and got teleported into a massive hall with bunch of giant statues standing in a circle ( as you can see in the pictures).
At one side of the room was a staircase leading up and exactly infront of the staircase was a lighted statue and what it seems like a ritual table infront of it.
At the end of the staircase there was an entrance but it was closed and it didn't seem likely to open.
I then Fast Traveled onto The Pantheon and went inside.
I found 2 staircases at each side of the back, both leading a hallway which leads to a cound room with a pole in the middle.
There was another hall connected to the middle and it leads to the blocked entrance I saw inside.
I don't remember anything being said about this in the storyline or anywhere else. I tried to research online but came with no answers.
Maybe some of you guys will know what this is and explain me and to all those who want to know.
The images are in each link they're too big to insert here ( 1920x1080 )

The staircase leading to the statue's hall:

The staircase other end leading to the entrance:

The Hall:


Here you can see the ritual table on Arno's right:


The hallway from the circle-pole room leading to the blocked entrance:

Good luck and happy hunting :)

07-06-2016, 07:05 PM
You can learn a little more about that room if you play the co-op mission, Moving Mirabeau. The story behind that mission takes place after Sequence 7 Memory 3.