View Full Version : Syndicate bug!

07-04-2016, 07:54 PM
Hi, I seem to be having a little problem in AC Syndicate.

In Sequence 7 "Change of Plans" mission, Henry becomes nonresponsive at the end. Everything is fine from when I free him up until we escape the area - which is the main objective. So we escape it, but then Henry just stands still and nothing happens. No end of the objective. I can't continue and finish the mission. There's nothing that would make him move, except if someone attacks us, then he fights back but goes back to standing still after the enemies are eliminated. I've tried doing the mission all over again a couple of times, but nothing works.

Any ideas on how to fix this without having to reinstall the game ( :( ) would be extremely appreciated. Thank you.

UPDATE: I finally did it, after numerous replays (I think I'm fed up with the mission for life now, haha).