View Full Version : Can we get proper controls for PC? And some other stuff

07-02-2016, 09:45 PM
Seriously, there are over 100 keys on a keyboard, but still the "E" and "SPACEBAR" controls half of the game. I mean I know these games were intended for consols (and controllers dont have many keys), but you were generous enough to give us the choice to use the number keys to choose weapons.

I'm currently playing Rogue and every time I try to just drop down from one roof to the one beneath (holding SHIFT + E), I always tend to tackle a random citizen on the streets. When I try to pick up a body, because if I don't remove the body in 10 secounds someone will notice it, but then I pick up the sword beside him. That might be because it was highlighted and not the body, but due to the third-person camera controls I can't manuver the camera very well while looking straigth down so it's hard to highlight the body while in a hurry. Speaking of highlighting stuff, I've noticed that when you aim and shoot with raged weapons, it does not seem to follow a projectile engine, but rather a hit or not on the highligted enemy engine. I tend to shoot the most annoying enemies to kill/incapacitate (the captains), but I've encountered that if I shoot an enemy that is not highlighted (happens sometimes if they stad behind eachother) it will not hit, even though I aim directly at their chest (or head as is the most efficient). Could this be altered? I am not sure if this also happens in Rogue, I've only encountered it in Black Flag.

But back to the point! It would be marvelous if there was a way to alter, especially, the "E" key into several seperate actions for several other keys.

07-04-2016, 02:18 PM
My friend, invest $30 and you'll be so glad you did -


The games were designed with a controller in mind, along with a number of other games like the Batman franchise, Watchdogs, etc. With the USB XBox Controller you'll have the best of both worlds - the ability to use the designed control mechanism for the games, and able to play it on the superior PC with far better graphics and framerates.