View Full Version : Looking for Casual Road Trippers (XB1)

07-02-2016, 11:14 AM
Hello fellow users of the crew!

I just got the game recently through the Xbox Live Gold Sale (Or Giveaway :p) and I love how huge the map is, which has lead to me wanting to do huge cross map roadtrips with friends and other users (I just completed a 2 hour road trip from New York to Los Angeles), but not all of my friends have a great attention span, so I am just enquiring about whether people have any interest in this sort of thing.

Also when I say road trip, I am referring to a drive that is:
a. Over 40km (I try and make it 80km+)
b. Obey road rules at all cost (Obviously overtaking etc is an exception)
c. Full Stock Vehicles Only (We try and keep the cars not overly powerful)

Also we don't drive like slow grannies all the time, on massive straights or some hills we floor it and race, and we always have a ball!
If your unsure about doing this sort of "driving" I urge you to give it a small try by yourself, and if you enjoy it, join our convoy! Put your gamertag down below, and I hope we can have some fun.

I hope I can see you on a roadtrip soon!