View Full Version : For those who played the first alpha / speculation: How detailed are the footmen?

06-27-2016, 09:23 PM
I was just thinking over things in regards to what material we currently have available, in all the videos - last years' MP demo, this years Raider mission, the Masterclass demonstration of the first mission (Warden being literally knighted away lol... To the evil blackstone legion?)....

I noticed that there are, of course, a lot of mini set-pieces - a sergeant appearing in a doorway to the courtyard, barking at a platoon of footsoldiers/minions/mooks to hurry up to the gate, or the raiders rushing through the opening gate, etc. However, those are all scripted and are nothing more than set pieces to remind you "oh yeah there's a battle" during the mission.

But a huge part of why I love For Honor is the feeling of being in this mass and being able to obliterate the enemy footmen, and seeing your own push forward slowly. However! So far from what I've seen, the footmen seem... Simple and static. They simply shuffle about and attack eachother weakly, and many just stand there during battle. Highly ranked units having honor makes sense, but the footment just don't engage all at once at all? Even against other footmen / NPC Big Guys, they don't attack en masse but just stand about waiting and only attacking periodically.

So I wanted to ask, speculation wise and for those that played the alpha, is there any detail to the battle itself that doesn't rely on set pieces / cutscenes? Do footment generally act as units, do they push, do they actually attack and react to any shifts of the flow of battle? During MP, do they do things that help indicate winning / losing - raiding the walls, rushing breaches, or fortifying and locking down defensive positions?

Do you think any of this will be built upon, more animations for killing and the like as well?

06-27-2016, 09:29 PM
I havent played, but thats a really good question, cant wait for the answer!