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06-27-2016, 06:26 PM
3 confirmed classes so far for each factions.

Champion: Warden, Raider, Kensai (Playable in Campaign only and in MP).

Tank: Shugouki, Lawbringer (Not revealed third).

Assassin: Orochi (Not revealed two others).

Following this model, I'm thinking that the Champion classes are already set up as the middle-of-the-road base model for each Faction. They provide an identity for the Faction as a whole; ie the Legion are heavily armored and thus have the highest defense, the Warborn are giant beef boys with the highest damage (and perhaps stamina, though I don't think that will be the case), and the Chosen are relatively small and lightly armored so they are more nimble.

The Tank classes will probably break the mold here for the simply fact that the Shugouki is far from nimble. Perhaps relative to the other Tanks they will be, but they don't look it. My guess is that the two shield classes will be the equivalent Tanks in Legion and Warborn. Legion will have the flail knight and Warborn will have their sword/axe&shield warrior.

The Assassin class is a bit more difficult IMO. The Chosen have the Orochi and I'm willing to bet the Warborn will have their dual wielder in this role, but for the Knights I don't know. Perhaps a fencer, very lightly armored and unable/ineffective at blocking heavy attacks but with extremely quick guard, movement and dodges, or maybe a spear-wielder?


06-27-2016, 07:13 PM
Holden is a Lawbringer, he has a pole axe and heavy armor but no shield. So I doubt the shield class is relegated to being a tank. I think the shield classes will be in their own unannounced class.

06-27-2016, 07:34 PM
personally i wouldnt want to play as a spear class if that was the blackstone legions " berserker" class but i bet they have them, also i think there will be more then three classes per faction in the trailer when the factions band together after the brawl in the cinematic, it show's four champions looking over the battle for each faction, im not sure if i wanna play as the chosen or the black stone legion. I do think the warden, kensei, raider, Do represent their faction's maybe those three are the leader's of there respective faction's or maybe they become the leader's? i dont think they will make the tank class's so slow that they cant compete with classes like the oni i dont think the sword and shield guys will be tank classes, however when playing a tank class an your faced with a nimble opponent like the oni, youll have to be patient an wait for the right time to strike like after a successful parry or guard break to land your attack, i think we will see alot of interesting classes with a arrange of different weapons and tactics

06-27-2016, 09:35 PM
In the first trailer where it shows each faction fighting and such, i swear i saw a knight have a bastard sword or a short sword. If you watch closely he 'sheaths it on his hip instead of back like the other two knights (wardens). Perhaps this a 4th/hidden/unannounced class? :confused:

This is towards the end where that stand over the battlement.

06-29-2016, 08:30 AM
As a guy who have practiced fencing during 4 years, I wanna see a musketeer-like assassin hero for the Legion. With defense based on parries, more than on pure blocks.
If someone like this exists in FH, it would surely be my main.