View Full Version : Too steep?

06-27-2016, 06:11 PM
First of all: Your game looks like what I've been dreaming about for years! Open world skiing - thank you for making my favourite game ever. I know I haven't tried it, but it will be. I sure of it.

I'm not one for too many tricks and such but more into to vistas and the experience of nature. My only little worry about the game is that all the skiing will be full paced redouble-ish backflipping crazy *** stuff and not so much big beautiful easy-going paths. It sounds boring and old - but hey - I am old... :-)

I hear something about Alaska - that sounds like you guys pouring gold on diamants! Maybe you could consider Lofoten, Norway - as I'm sure you would want to please all your Scandinavian fans as well! ;-)

So if you want someone with a different perspective on the game experience let me in on the beta! :-D

Thank you again. Can't wait to blow this game up on a HD projector!

All the best