View Full Version : PC Far Cry 4 Crashes On The Start Screen

06-24-2016, 04:36 AM
On the start screen Far Cry stops and it gives me no choice but to forcefully exit the application.

06-25-2016, 12:39 AM
what are your system Specs ?

does it meet the FarCry 4 minimum system requirements ?

do you have an Nvidia GPU? if so did you try to disable Geforce experience shadow play , yes it crashes the game on launch with certain systems and drivers

BACKROUND APPLICATIONS may also cause the game to not launch properly and you may need Exit out of them, or reconfigure them to work properly with Far Cry 4 known apps that can cause this are



C. Riva Tuner Statistics Server

D. DXtory

E. Motionin Joy

F. Anti Virus or Firewall software (AVG , Comodo, Bullguard etc.. <-- check settings)

G. MSI true Color

H. Evolve gameing client

I. AMD Raptr \ AMD Gaming Evolved

J. TeamViewer

K. Overwolf

see this thred to possibly fix issues with afterburner causing black screen

Please see this Page where it mentions Backround Applications and how you can try to see if one is possibly causing your issue with the game NOT starting or hanging

And if your running windows 10 make sure you launch both Steam and Uplay as Run As ADMINISTRATOR

this game was shipped well before windows 10 did ...and yes you may need to take that extra step to run the game
this games engine was created years before windows 10 shipped and that change may needed to allow the game to write any save files and or configuration files , windows 10 may handle file security \ permissions in a different way, then previous operating systems did.