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06-23-2016, 05:41 PM
Greetings Agents!

Last week’s State of the Game (http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/game/en-gb/news/detail.aspx?c=tcm:174-255947-16&ct=tcm:148-76770-32) was packed full of content from E3. Make sure you check it out if you missed anything!
If you haven’t already, take a gander at the latest Intelligence Annex (http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/game/en-GB/news/detail.aspx?c=tcm:154-255192-16&ct=tcm:148-76770-32) for more information about Underground!
This morning we also talked a lot about the balancing changes coming with Update 1.3. To get all that information check out the video below!



Today’s maintenance (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1463700-Server-Maintenance-June-23rd-2016?p=11786524#post11786524)was used to make further optimizations to the servers and clean up the databases.
Additionally, we have just released a bunch more details about the weapon balancing in Update 1.3. Check it out HERE (http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/game/en-GB/news/detail.aspx?c=tcm:154-255948-16&ct=tcm:148-76770-32)!


Next Monday June 27th at 19:00 CEST / 13:00 EDT / 10:00 PDT we will be hosting our third Special Report to show off live gameplay and discuss some of the features of Underground. This will be over on our twitch channel (https://www.twitch.tv/thedivisiongame), come check it out!
With the patch right around the corner keep your eyes out for the patch notes. You will have those in your hands early next week.
Finally, Underground and Update 1.3 will be deployed next week on Tuesday the 28th for Xbox One and PC during the scheduled maintenance between 9:00 – 12:00 CEST. Unfortunately Update 1.3 for PS4 will be delayed which impacts the availability of the Ubi30 outfits on all platforms as well. Expect more information soon.


Operation ISAC episode 11 is available below!


Your mission this week is to dispatch of 100 Veteran Enemies! As a reward you will receive Esmay’s Shirt and 3 High End Division Tech.



Many discussions arose after more details of the weapon balancing emerged. With that came a bit of confusion about how these changes will impact existing weapons and new ones that drop after the update. To clarify, the following changes will have an impact on all weapons that exist currently in the game and after the update:

Damage reduction on the AUG and Vector
Minimum Accuracy cap on the M1A (Crosshair will now grow to a larger size when shooting rapidly)

Every other change will only impact weapons that drop after the update.


Following today’s State of the Game stream, many discussions regarding the change to Sentry and Striker have been brought up. These sets were too powerful and their raw stat bonuses limited the design space for future Gear Sets. To recap, we are reducing the effectiveness of the 2 set and 3 set bonuses and adding it into a new 5 set bonus. This means that if you want to reach the same bonus values the sets had before you will need 5 pieces. Overall this creates freedom of choice and variety for both you as players and the devs in terms of design.

This week we’ll kick it off with an awesome fansite Division-Agents (http://www.division-agents.com/). If you are looking for detailed guides, recaps, and Joker’s adventures at E3 this is the place to go!

Noelzzz (http://noelzzz.deviantart.com/) shows off a super cool sketch! http://img01.deviantart.net/1e63/i/2016/119/b/c/max_and_chloe___division_agents_by_noelzzz-da0n5c1.jpg

Max and Chloe - Division Agents (http://noelzzz.deviantart.com/art/Max-and-Chloe-Division-Agents-605741761) by noelzzz (http://noelzzz.deviantart.com/) on DeviantArt (http://www.deviantart.com/) Check out this amazing extraction piece by Zeich (http://zeich.deviantart.com/).


The Division ft. Frankie (http://zeich.deviantart.com/art/The-Division-ft-Frankie-601596789) by Zeich (http://zeich.deviantart.com/) on DeviantArt

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We look forward to seeing your creations!