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06-23-2016, 03:54 PM

The BIG FIVE PACK is available since June and free for all players (included since version 1.6).
This FAQ answers common questions and discussions straight from the community.

More information and details are available on the forums:
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How can I access the BIG FIVE PACK? I cannot find it anywhere.

Please make sure that your game is up to date. The BIG FIVE PACK is available with all versions (since 1.6). If you have an active internet connection and Uplay or Steam are not in offline mode, Anno 2205 will update automatically the next time you start the game. This way the new version update will be downloaded as well.

Why can’t I keep my recent difficulty? – Why am I being downgraded?

Since the BIG FIVE Update you should be able to maintain your difficulty through adjustments of the recently added difficulty settings. Out of balancing reasons in the past an automatic downgrade was necessary to implement the new features. You will of course keep all your achievements and buildings that refer to a certain difficulty.

Most questions were about the stock market

How does the stock market work? – What can I win or lose?

Buying shares from your Rivals can let you participate in their Credit balance and help you dominate the five Industry branches – together with the production rate. Furthermore you gain different bonuses for the production of your Industry if you own holdings.

Do I have to start a new game to go to the stock market?

No. – The stock market is available to all from level 10 on.

Will my company be overwritten with entering the stock market?

No. – Before entering the stock market a save of your company will be created which can be loaded from the main menu. This way it is assured that your company can be loaded and played at all times.

How do I activate / deactivate the stock market?

The stock market is available at level 10 and can be activated by clicking the stock market button in the upper left corner and confirm your choice. You cannot deactivate the stock market but you of course can load a previous savegame.

How do I access the build menu of the stock market?

After unlocking the stock market feature the Trading Floor can be found in the bottom row of the building menu.

Do things happen in the stock market when I’m not in the stock market menu?

Yes. – All important stock market actions do happen in the questlist on the left side of the screen. You should absolutely keep an eye on that if you don’t want to miss anything.

Do I have to stay in the stock market menu when taking action on the stock market?

No. – The choice of the purchasable shares has to be made in the stock market menu. The following planning and execution of the auction appears on the left side of the screen and can be influenced from every sector of the game and the strategy map.

How do I make sure to not miss a stock market action?

All actions on the stock market are shown in the quest list. Keep an eye on that and you will never miss anything important. Additinonally your rivals will tell you when something happens to keep you updated.

What does „devaluate share“ mean?

The choice to devaluate share reduces the maximum amount of money your rivals are willing to invest during an auction.

How do I affect the stock market?

Your influence depends on three factors: Time, amount of own shares you own and company level. The higher the last two are the higher you have influence per hour.

Why do I have to spend money on my own shares? – I already own them...

When activating the stock market you get a certain amount of money which matches the value of your company. From that point on all free shares are on the market without an owner and can be purchased by any company.

What happens when I lose all my shares? – Can I lose sectors because of that?

You can’t lose your last share.

Ubisoft Support

Technical difficulties and questions

If you are experiencing technical issues, please contact the support (http://support.ubi.com).
They will help you individually and will forward special cases or bug reports to the dev team.

http://static.cdn.ubi.com/0075/forum/feedback/feedback_link_en.png (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1457819-Your-feedback-to-version-update-1-6-Big-Five-PACK)

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