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Daubeny !!!

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daubeny !!!

Daubeny Show Yourself!!!!

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This is what I talked about in a thread. Characters you can follow and hate/love. Although it seemed that you dont have much choice on the campaign and you just see it happening while you fight your way through it, I liked the unexpected things and little twists and the way the dialogue was made. Things like the catapult cut, the (somewhat predictable but I didnt see it coming but its ok) "second" fighting through a trial by combat. And about the dialogue, I loved that the Law Bringer(?) or the guy from the Blackstone Legion says "It doesn't have to be this way" and the other guy knows how much he is f*cked and doesn't even respond and hurries to get everyone into position for a battle. Also the Dishonorable way that this same bad guy treats Daubeny, it only wants you to kill that guy(assuming he is the bad one and the other is just an innocent warden xD)

Loved the masterclass and I hope I can get to the beta, I really want to test this game and help it be the best it can be, even if its just a little that I make it better.