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06-22-2016, 10:46 AM

I was wondering if anybody got some info about the following:

1) Will there be rails and boxen to grind/slide?

2) Are they gonna add trick names and times of rotation etc?

3) Are there gonna be freestyle parks with halfpipes etc?

4) Will you be able to set difficulty, like in the Skate. games where you could change it so it would be more realistic.

Thanks in advance!

06-22-2016, 04:36 PM
A realistic difficulty level would be great. Also for hiking with slipping of and ragdolling down the slope. I would love such a hardcore setting that really reflects the difficulty of moving around in the mountains.

06-22-2016, 08:08 PM
I might be able to offer a little insight.:D

As far as tricks go, Steep brings an innovative take on the tricks system. We designed it to be both readily accessible for anyone to perform great tricks easily, but also deep and rich enough for skilled players to be creative and to take more risks. It’s based on the Left and Right stick axis usage. Combining both sticks’ axis during a jump will control the rotations you will perform. From this principle, players will be able to make their tricks even more spectacular by playing with the combination and analogy of the axis. To add style, you can also add grabs and tweaks to your poses. But the real challenge is to be creative by mixing the tricks with the infinite amount of opportunities the mountains offer.

The difficulty will vary depending on the path you've chosen. We have four announced play styles that can feed into your progression: Explorer, Freerider, Freestyler, and Bone Collector. Each one rewards you for doing very different things.

To progress along the Explorer path, you’ll need to discover new challenges and points of interest. When you begin Steep, you’ll have access to a handful of base camps that give you quick access to different parts of the mountain, and which are associated with different play styles. From there, you can discover new drop zones, which are attached to challenges and other points of interest.

This one’s the most straightforward. No matter where you are in the game world or what you’re doing, every trick you successfully land feeds into your Freestyler score. Were you able to execute a triple somersault off a cliff and land upright? Your score just went up a bit.

Bone Collector
Do you love putting yourself into mortal danger? Is your favorite snowboard trick the 360 Headfirst Crash Into Snowbank? Then you can expect to go far with the Bone Collector style, which rewards you for pulling off crazy stunts and, yes, crashing into things.

Freerider may be the most complex of the play styles, because it takes the most into account. Focusing on the overall quality of your line, it pays attention to your use of the environment, keeping track of whether you use cool environmental features – cliffs, ridges, and so on – to your full advantage to pull off tricks or near-misses.

Hopefully this answers some of your questions in the meantime. We will have further details and information soon!

06-22-2016, 10:23 PM
Really interesting, thanks for outlining the aspects of trick control and progression SkyBear. One question (don't feel obliged to answer) off of them..

So these playstyles cover the majority of action we will find ourselves in on the mountain - so I'm wondering what the point of distinction is? Feel free to be very vague if it's tied in with how progression works, but is there any meaning in having them divide like that - do they have their own unlock paths or in some way determine how your player handles (I know skills aren't a thing as you want a level playing field, but maybe visible styles, or non-competitive abilities) - or are they simply names for the types of XP we will earn from playing?

06-22-2016, 11:00 PM
These four different categories are a nice way to make sure people with different gameplay interests all find their way.
As a former snowboarder who hiked a lot with the board on his back through deep snow, you know, I would nevertheless love the ultrarealistic hardcore mode. One wrong step while hiking up, down you go! Like a mountain simulator. It will be difficult for the Annency people to get it past management because of mainstream issues and so on, but they must want it too. Maybe sneak it in under the radar as some hidden option :)
I am on holiday right now and today biked up the Nebelhorn. Looking at the paragliders and mountains I really, no kidding, thought of Steep. Actually drifted of to Steep 2 in a summer setting, think Sega Extreme Sports :)
Mountain sports people like the Annency studio being responsible for such a game, a dream come true!