View Full Version : Kicked from ranked game by fairfight

06-20-2016, 11:46 PM
Dostoevskiy map. So it was nice game, i had good team, we won defense very easy, and than there was round 2. I picked fuze ,planted my bombs. pressed button and who would know? I got a doubble! And 3 sec later got kicked from game by fairfight and was blocked from ranked games for 15 minutes-so i could not even come back in the match and help my team! Reason was- "banned for killing teammates"! But i started on other side of map(rest 4 started near river), got on 2nd floor height with hook,planted a charge and then poof! BAN!

You know guys i even stoped crying about guys who headshot everyone threw walls-i comepletely undestand what mission to make cheater proof system is imposible for monkey coders you call technical support, but could this monkeys fix this thing so it wont kick or ban people for no reason at all?

Yeah fixing fairfight nice joke isnt it? But one can dream.