View Full Version : Replay-ability

06-17-2016, 12:52 PM
I understand that RedLynx sees TOTBD as a chance to experiment and push the limits of what exactly defines a Trials game. However, as much as I enjoy its ridiculousness and inventiveness, this invention seems to have come about at the expense of replay-ability. I'll get my money's worth from TOTBD, but it's clearly not going to have the same long-term appeal as other Trials games due to the imprecise nature of the non-traditional sections (main offender: towing the bomb). Please separate all the platforming / FMX / skills / stunts from the core gameplay of the next Trials game since the USP of Trials is the inherent fairness of replaying levels knowing that you're the one at fault rather than the control system.

I'm pretty sure the RedLynx team understand this much better than I do, but I felt it was worth saying.