View Full Version : AC Syndicate: Motion Blur/Streching

06-16-2016, 01:43 AM
Found in the " AC.ini " ," Stretching=1 " if you set that to =0 to turn it off. This in effect turns off most Motion Blur...but this brings up an ugly problem of pop-ins and texture update lag. =.= Poor optimization covered up by eye candy.

Instead of sweeping a flaw under the rug...fix the flaw.


Something else of note which just adds to the upper listed issue. Seems the engine wants to max out your CPU. Run with 4 core 3.5ghz and it's 85-95% use...OC to 4.4ghz and it's still 85-95% use =.= The engine just add's in more NPC AI has more CPU clock speed is opened up. This does not help performance in other areas...it just makes those other ares of performance worse or not changed.


Lower Screen res from 1440p to 1080p...GPU use may drop a little, but CPU remains the same.


Overall performance is better then AC:Unity. Only Dx12 is helping that mess, or the same NPC crowd size adaption that AC:Syndicate has.