View Full Version : [XB1] Can tracks be altered?

06-15-2016, 03:00 PM
Hey, so I was streaming some of this game yesterday and got to the final level.

Although I love long tracks as they show true consistency and skill in the game, on my first 2 runs on the track I encountered 3 glitches.

The first glitch was when i pressed 'RB' to go from being on the bike to the 'run and gun' phase. I crashed as I pressed RB and I ended up being in the 'run and gun' area on my bike. This glitch could possibly affect other tracks and make it quicker to perform the glitch during the run.
The second and 3rd glitches were the missiles that drop throughout the map seemed to have killed me, it may not be the missiles but I randomly died 2 times in 1 run.
I'm sure this doesn't happen every play through but the fact it happened 2 times in 1 run to me makes me think it's not too rare for this to happen.


06-15-2016, 03:30 PM
Had the same problem as NSPIV in glitch 1. I would say that it was caused by pressing RB after a crash. The part where it glitch was towards the end. You jump a pit then go up two a -b lifts then you cant go any further.