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06-14-2016, 09:04 AM
First of all, just want to say up front I have NOT played the game yet, I have only seen videos and streams of it. But many of peoples complaints do not require that I have played the game in order to argue against, so anyways moving on.


In todays day and age, If you, or anyone you know ACTUALLY immediately bought this game JUST because it had the name "trials" in it, it is no fault of redlynx or of the game that it ended up being something other than what you expected. Learn what a "Review" is and also google the term "Youtube" or "Twitch" next time before you randomly buy a game.

From what I've seen, this game uses at least some assets from trials fusion, and at least 60%+ of the game involves a bike. So IMO, not using the word "trials" in the title of the game would have actually been the route that would have been false advertising


The only way you can possibly say this is if previous trials games are the only games you have ever played in your life. If you have ever browsed steam or any game marketplace, there is no way you can honestly say this game isnt worth at least 15$. The only possible reason you could be saying this is because you have been spoiled by the infinite value of Track Central, which isnt a fair way to evaluate the price of the game. It's not that Blood Dragon is over priced, it is that Trials Fusion and Evolution are rediculously underpriced if you honestly consider the value that Track Central adds. If you compare this game to almost any other similiar game on steam it undeniably would fall into a fair pricing range of 10-20$. EX. Hotline miami 2 (15$) - Super meat boy (15$) Tinertia (15$)


This game is very obviously a spinoff game in the same way that Farcry 3: Blood Dragon Was a spin off to farcry 3. So yes, I guess that would mean you are correct in that this isnt a "trials" game in the purest sense. But how is that a negative to the game? The game was never advertised as such. You cant say a game is bad because its not another game.If you dont like platformers or skill games from previous trials games then fine. But it makes zero sense to buy a "football manager" game and then complain that you never actually play football in the game, even though football is in the title.


Need I remind all of you, that despite what some of you may think. Trials Fusion is still a perfectly good game that exists and is in fact "alive". There is no reason that this game needed to have track central or the editor in it. The trials part of this game is exactly the same as fusion. Having the editor and track central in this game would literally accomplish nothing. Unless what you are really asking for is more editor pieces, in which case.....sure, that would be great, but that literally has nothing to do with whether this game is good or bad.


If you think about this it literally makes no sense. HOW would this change anything? HOW?! unless you are actually trying to imply its not worth 15$, in which case i ask that you refer to #2.

And that about sums up all the completely pointless negative comments i have heard towards this game all day. Have a nice day.

06-14-2016, 09:11 AM
As Blood Dragon's number one player http://i.imgur.com/HJ4RP5P.png on pc, I have some merit when I say anything.

Vantier is 100% correct and anyone who thinks any of the bold bullet points is infact mentally ******ed.

06-14-2016, 09:23 AM
Pure butthurt some people experience is amazing.

While it was unexpected, this Trials release is welcome in my eyes.
Even the title suggests its a Trials plus cringy over the top Blood Dragon style.

While it would be preferable with a new pure Trials game, something is better than nothing. Fusion is still alive and kicking with something like 120k custom tracks.

Played it for an hour so far and there isnt much to hate besides some easy driving lines. Up and down, up and down.
Platforming bit couldve been more responsive tho, hard to combo jumps from my experience.

06-14-2016, 09:52 AM
Good points!

06-14-2016, 12:57 PM
Just downloaded it in the morning as I woke up to a stream of posts on trialsgames instagram feed - which was kind of empty before - and I have to say I was surprised with the arcade bit. Nothing wrong with it at all - it's just that it's obvious Ubi/RL are trying to cater to more interests and larger number of players with less releases - one instead of two. steady flow into arcade direction since HD to now Blood dragon is obvious.

On another note, my PS4 copy wasn't able to connect to Ubi servers - just me or everyone (usual for new material release, at least for mobile games from RL).

06-14-2016, 01:17 PM
That's pretty near that i said on French Community. Good point Vantier

06-15-2016, 02:36 AM
I agree with what you have said about points one, two & three.

Points four and five I have a different opinion about and I'd like to help you to understand where myself and perhaps a lot of the people that disapprove of the exclusion of Track Central are coming from.

The reason I would have liked to see Trials of the Blood Dragon as downloadable content for Trials Fusion rather than as a standalone game is simply for the Track builder and Track Central. Track Central undeniably adds value to Trials Fusion and is the sole reason many players continue to play Fusion two years after the game first launched. By publishing Trials of the Blood Dragon as Fusion dlc it would not only have allowed builders to use objects in the editor that are exclusive to that dlc, it would have given creators the opportunity to work on tracks focused around the new vehicles that the new game introduced. I personally would have really enjoyed seeing how creative the community could be with the RC car.

That is my reasoning. It has nothing to do with the pricing, which I assume even if it were sold as dlc rather than standalone would still be the same price it is now. The value of the TotBD is in my opinion still very good. I did however apply for a refund for this game because it turned out not to be my thing. I am more than happy to continue waiting patiently on Fusion until the next core Trials title is released. But whether this game were to launch as a standalone game or downloadable content it was still going to be heavily criticized by many Trials fans, just as the Awesome Adventure dlc was. Because loads of us want Redlynx to focus on the next core Trials experience.

Other advantages:
1) Players would be able to play TotBD tracks in multiplayer.
2) Players could access other players' replays via the leaderboard.

1) Those who do not already own a copy of Trials Fusion (mostly concerning Far Cry Blood Dragon fans that have taken a chance with TotBD) would have to buy a copy in order to play the TotBD dlc.