View Full Version : DC from ubi servers, found a reason why, how can i fix it?

06-10-2016, 07:32 AM

ok so, my router is the problem (i think) i played a bit without it and it seemed to work fine, i plugged in router again and i have ports forwarded and DMZ mode, also tried to DISABLE router firewall.

Nothing helped, anyone can shed a light on what router settings can interfeer?

got good ping, open nat, every other game is working flawless, except for this one which my router hates it seems >.> need some pointers! dont wanna call my ISP and ask them about the router ( it is theirs) and pay **** loads of cash every min while they drag it out. (greedy bastards).

Thanks in advanced.

i think Ubisoft must be april fooling us, or? their security is preventing us from playing, funny hopw we cant get refund after hours and hours trying to get the game to work and talking to support, then you played to much ( full matches or not 95% no full matches) and refund is used up, is this a dirty trick or something?