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06-09-2016, 12:55 PM
Hello Folks,

We have a new release for you today with a couple of goodies inside. One for those who just loooove statistics and we've spived up the player cards a tad. We've gone ahead and squashed a few more of those pesky bugs too so you won;t have to worry about those anymore. Check out the patch notes below for more info.

Changes in this release:

Updated the layout of user cards to show currently displayed badges and your Ubisoft Club level progress


Added a new “Statistics” section the game pages of supported games containing additional stats about your progress


We have made some visual updates to various Ubisoft Club elements
Users will no longer receive a temporary account suspension after failing to redeem an activation code multiple times. Instead, users will only be prevented from redeeming activation codes for a short time
We have simplified the time played format to use shortened units
We have changed all references to activating a “product” to activating a “key”

Bug Fixes

Fixed a rare issues that would cause some game downloads to fail if the download was moved to the top of the queue during a network outage
Fixed an issue that sometimes presented users from unlinking their Uplay and Steam accounts after the initial linking took place
Fixed a rare issue that would sometimes cause chat message notifications to appear after launching a game following blocking said user
Fixed an issue where the “Verify Files” process would continue to run after closing it from the task bar which caused various options in the client to become unresponsive
Fixed a display issue with challenges in the overlay where text would sometimes overlay other windows
Fixed an issue where no error messages would appear when trying to interact with challenges in the overlay during a network outage
Fixed an issue where the "Revert Cloud Save" option would disappear after a client restart

That’s all for now folks, see you in-game!

The Uplay Team

06-09-2016, 01:41 PM
Yay all my stats!

06-17-2016, 09:33 PM
Can we have Nickname instead of Username/ID like steam??
tnx for your efforts btw