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06-06-2016, 09:15 PM
Ubi, can we PLEASE get the extraction point spawning removed from this game mode. I'm all fine with flooding terrorists at me while I extract but I should have guys constantly in the extraction point after I've cleared multiple times.

06-06-2016, 11:39 PM

Look at some of the things I have been asking for and they are not NEW threads at all. I have been told ubisoft/the developers do read these forums but don't expect much action on anything unless it is for VS. I don't think they care much about PvE or Co-op players frankly.

That is a major shame as playing PvE (player vs enemies) as opposed to PvP (player vs player, just describing them incase you haven't heard of terms) was one of my favourite things to do in various xbox 350 games, including rainbow six vegas 1+2, splinter cell and ghost recon all ubisoft games btw.

This generation though they don't seem to care that much about PvE players and are focusing a lot more on PvP.

I have been asking for a minor fix to TH classic for AGES. I originally asked them to make the time limit on hard/realistic optional for lower amounts of players because although 12 minutes hard and 15 minutes is plenty of time for 5 players it is not for 1 or 2 arguably.

I have even recently suggested having the time limit increased instead of doing this which would make it EASIER for them to do as they could keep the mode the same eg it would have a time limit and they wouldn't need to add in any more options (something many modern games seem to be afraid of frankly too many options) - this hasn't been done yet either.

It seemed an obvious solution to me and a relatively minor change.

Also the new "border" map when I last played it a few days ago still didn't have any refill points on it..

These are small things and you are asking for more than that.

06-07-2016, 10:23 PM

There are now refill boxes on "border" so a small amount of progress.