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06-03-2016, 12:51 PM

The following is an overview of the changes. This update is for free for all players.

New Features

Stock Market
Stock Market: Join the Stock Market to compete against the Big Five for shares, influence and industrial dominance.
Shares and Auctions
Each corporation has a certain amount of shares, which can be bought by auction. Holding shares increases the budget of a corporation and the productivity of its facilities.
Hire insiders to infiltrate the Big Five! Your insiders will gather information on your rivals’ finances and can sabotage them through inside jobs. But be careful not to get caught!
Industry Dominance
Produce goods and buy shares to establish your monopoly in the five industry branches. Achieving industry dominance over the Big Five will grant unlimited permits to build branded modules.
Trading Floor
Unlocked by joining the Stock Market, this building will grant additional promotion rights when surrounded by residences.
Optional Challenge I
Your corporation can join the Stock Market from Level 10 onwards. A backup save will be created on activating the feature.
Sector Traits
A sector’s geographical features permanently change the productivity of certain facilities.
Temporary natural disasters or other catastrophic occurrences can affect entire sectors. They can be waited out or countered by following specific assignments.
Optional Challenge II
Calamities are optional features that can be configured during corporation creation. Existing save games can be updated.
New Ornaments
A Trials Fusion Arcade along with small and big nature preserves can now diversify your cities.
10 new Achievements have been added to the game.

Interface Changes

Shares Market: All shares and their owners are listed here
Espionage: Hire insiders to gather information on the Big Five
Industry Dominance: Includes statistics to show your progress

Other Changes

Stock Market, Sector Traits and Calamities are listed in the advanced difficulty settings
Auctions and assignments belonging to Calamities appear on the Assignment List
Implemented a button to enter the Stock Market on the infobar
Icons for Calamities appear next to the sector names
Added a filter option to display Sector Traits in the Strategic Map
New categories and infotips in the Buildings Quick View
Buttons to toggle between selected buildings on the minimap are now available
Newly gained achievements are now highlighted in the Achievements overview
Price changes due to Council voting are now displayed in the Global Market

Improvements & Fixes

Added missing explanation texts in Corporation Update menu
Move icons now appear in the right-click menu when the relocate option "pay credits" is active
Fixed a bug that sometimes showed Fruits instead of Vitamin Drinks in the warning section
Already built Drainage Pumps now stay visible when the option "Show Building Sites" was disabled
The Buildings Quick View now shows the correct text when no buildings are available
Effectivity radii don't stay visible anymore when trying to drag a building when the move mode was disabled
Scrolling in the Buildings Quick View does not zoom the camera anymore
Fixed several localization issues

http://static.cdn.ubi.com/0034/Anno2205/forum/feedback/feedback_link_en.png (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1457819-Your-feedback-to-version-update-1-6-Big-Five-PACK)