View Full Version : We would like your opinion!

05-28-2016, 07:47 PM
Hello Riders,

RedLynx team would like to know more about your use of the 'Help' section in the Option menu.

If you have 30 seconds to spare to answer the poll, that would be very helpfull!


05-28-2016, 10:04 PM
Help menu works fine. It is easy to use if needed and gives a fair explanation of everything . Just baffled of all the opinions users here give everyday the developers choose something like this to ask us about. It's one of the few things that does not need fixed. Maybe add in puppy info that streak starts at one when you complete 7 days

05-30-2016, 10:34 AM
If "used the help" means "opened it and read something useful, that I hadn't found out by playing before", the answer is no. If "used" just means "had a look at it", then the answer is yes.

And I have to agree with Rickferguson. Aren't there any more urgent problems than the help?

06-30-2016, 11:08 PM
I would have voted and said Many Times, although I was signed in it wouldn't let me vote or leave a message.
I had a browse through when I started but after that I only ever looked for events.

Edit: I have discovered what the problem was, something changed in Google Chrome or on this website.
If I have Data Saver on within Google Chrome I can't post or vote, the moment I turn it off, everything works.
It was not like this before but I'm glad it's solved.

07-01-2016, 07:54 PM
it could be great, when the trackpacks have a help menu to show whats inside.