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01-24-2004, 01:19 PM
For the life of me I can't figure out how to just simply generate an American, British, or German Normandy Campaign. As a matter of fact, I can't make anything. Usually I get some error like "Too many planes on airdrome" or something. Can anyone who uses this guide my through making a campaign step-by-step?

01-24-2004, 01:19 PM
For the life of me I can't figure out how to just simply generate an American, British, or German Normandy Campaign. As a matter of fact, I can't make anything. Usually I get some error like "Too many planes on airdrome" or something. Can anyone who uses this guide my through making a campaign step-by-step?

01-24-2004, 03:13 PM
Deathsai; I did up a set for some friends a while back; really, it is just Lowengrin's instructions wriiten a bit differently. It's a bit long, and may be more confusing in the long run, but perhaps you may find it useful:
"As promised, here is a rundown of how I got this to work. First, of course, get the program ( currently 2.38 ) ; I am using 2.36 right now. Before doing anything else, also get Extreme One's Real Deal Campaign from Mudmovers - the latest one - and install it. You will need it - some of it anyway - to run a US campaign. Ok. Now to DCG.

First, create a folder on the same HD...but not within the same folder - as Forgotten Battles. Best is to simply create a folder like C IL2DCG. Suggestion: do not put it into Program Files, either. Some do this....but it isn't a install, just a Unzip.

Next, unzip the DCG zip file into the IL2DCG folder. Once done, open that folder and locate the DCG.exe file - right click and put a shortcut on your desktop. Don't run it yet. Locate the dcgwfront.zip file which is also in this new folder. Unzip it to your FB DGen folder...the first time you do this, it should not overwrite any files, but of course if you repeat the process later with updates, it will. ( These files are needed to have a Western Front campaign ).

Now, run DCG. The first time it runs, it will ask for the location of (first) the il2fb.exe file, so locate it and open it; and (second) the location of the dcg.exe file ( I know...awkward...but that's how it works ) so locate it and Open it. Note: it may, or may not, ask for a campaign file...mine didn't. If it does, browse to the il2DCG folder, open one of the campaign folders, and select the squadron.dcg file under it. Once done, the DCG splash screen should open. Now is where you decide how you are going to use DCG...first, the easy way...replacing the FB DGen so DCG runs from within FB:

1. With DCG still open, click on 'Mode'.
2. Click on 'Auto Generation'.
3. Click on 'Mode' again.
4. Click on 'Replace DGen'...answer 'Yes' to the prompt.
5. Click on 'Options'.
a. Make sure 'Historical Production Dates' is UNchecked.
b. You may want to also uncheck 'Primary Objectives' just to be safe.

At this point, you can close DCG and forget about it, and run your campaign from FB's GUI as you did with DGen. However, here are a few things to be aware of:

FB's Campaign GUI settings will override most of DCG's settings, including squadron and plane selection, but you can go back to DCG and adjust these after starting a campaign. Note that it will take flying another mission after making changes for the changes to take effect. Also, if running a USA campaign, be sure to select the Fighter ( USAF ) or Fighter (USMC ) in the FB campaign GUI...do NOT use the DCG selection. And, there are limitations to the number of campaigns you can run this way under one pilot.

( Example: I had 2 pilots ( one Allied, one Axis ). I started a US Fighter campaign, starting in Berlin 1944 flying the P47 D27. ( You set up your campaigns exactly the same way as using DGen, including the plane options in the squadron select screen ). I also started a German campaign with my 2nd pilot, a full campaign starting with the very first theater ( this is the same as DCG's 'Grand Campaign' ). All was ok so far. I decided I also wanted a Russian campaign for my first pilot - you can do this with DGen. But, nope, no go with DCG replace. I had to create a 3rd pilot...then, it worked.)

Now...say you just want to use DCG without replacing DGen ( which is the way I do it now ). Follow all the install steps above, but when the DCG splash screen opens, do this:

1. Click on 'Mode'.
a. Make sure Auto generation is NOT checked.
b. Make sure 'Replace DGen' is NOT checked.
2. Click on 'File'.
a. Click on Campaign Folder ( I am doing this from memory...some of the phrases may be inexact ).
b. Select the campaign you want to fly....Grand, Lvov, Normandy, etc. Select the squadron.dcg file in that folder.
3. CLick on 'Edit'.
4. Click on 'Squadron Edit'.
a. Select the plane you wish to use.
b. Select the squadron you wish to fly for.
5. Click on 'Options'.
a. Select 'Historic Production Dates' ; select/deselect any other options you want/don't want.
6. Double check that your squadron and plane are still the same....verify that all pilots listed match the country you wish to fly for. Select the Campaign Settings screen, and verify the Nationality - if it lists 'Campaign Default', change it to your choice, just to be safe.
7. CLick on 'Generate Mission' *
8. MINIMIZE ( Do NOT Close ) DCG.
9. Run FB. Select the pilot you wish to use, select Pilot Career.
a. In the next screen, select the country you selected in DCG.
b. FInd the 'DCG' line under the campaign listings and select it.
c. Set your Difficulty preferences.
d. CLick on Start; when the briefing comes up, go back to the FB Main Menu.
e. Here is where it gets real tricky - hit 'ALT + TAB' ( My FB nearly freezes here, but it worked...whew ) - maximise DCG - click on 'Mode' - click on 'Auto Generation' - click on 'Generate Mission' - close DCG - return to FB, and begin the career you selected.

* If you are using 2.36 as I am, there is a extra step here if you want a USA campaign - I'd suggest upgrading to 2.38 rather than do this.

These steps worked for me. A note about performance - before starting any campaign, check your Campaign Settings. On the far right side are some Density settings ...the program defaults in Column Density and Stationary Object Density to 'Full'. Change these to lower values...I am using 'Heavy' for both...your frame rates will thank you.

There are other settings you can change once a campaign has begun or before it starts - I have not really used them so won't include much here. And the new version - 2.38 - has some new options and some bug fixes, but the installation and use is still the same. There is a pilot editor...you access it from the Squadron Edit screen by double clicking on the 'Pilot Information' header, where all the names are. Here you can edit Pilot names, DOB, etc., and even assign paint schemes for each pilot ( just make sure you have the squadron you are flying for selected in the Squadron Editor, hehe ).

Sorry for the length, but I tried to include some 'don'ts' as well as 'do's'. I use DCG just for the USA campaign now...I find DGen much simpler for the rest of the campaigns....and neither are simple for this old bird to use. I tried to make this as complete as I could within the realm of what I did that worked....sorry if it seems confusing."

Current version is 2.41, I am now using 2.40, so there have been a few changes, but this should cover it....using 2.40, I set up a P51 Normandy Campaign using these steps ( currently using DCG as a external generator, not replacing DGen). Paul is always willing to answer questions at the II/JG1 site for DCG, linked from the DCG home page; I have never seen the error you refer to, so it may be best to ask him.

Hope this helps you a bit....good luck!


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01-24-2004, 05:32 PM
Thanks, I started a German campaign first.

However, I have another problem. All I seem to be getting are sweep missions over my own territory. Does the mission type ever change in the Grand Campaign?

Grrr, got another problem. For some reason I can't generate a mission in my US campaign. I get an error saying

Access violation at address 0048FAAE in module 'IL2DCG.EXE'. Read of address 6F64B4C4

What do I do?

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01-24-2004, 11:29 PM
Hi Deathsai; Well, in my campaigns generated by DCG so far, there have indeed been different types of missions, but I have only used it to generate US campaigns. In these, flying either the P47 or the P51, I get sweeps, ground attack, and bomber escort. I am not sure, but sometimes plane choice, theater, and certain settings/location of front may affect the types of missions you see. Check your 'Action Radius' setting in the Campaign Settings screen against the Location of the Front.....I think it defaults to 150 km. If you have set it to less than 100 km., there may be no targets in your radius.

This is only a guess...I have seen mention of it,though, at Paul's support forum. One solution I have seen suggested is to increase the Action Radius, or select a airfield in Squadron Editor that is closer to the front lines.

As to the error message....that one, I don't know. Again, I would suggest contacting Paul, the creator of the DCG. I can make a guess...since it's the US Campaign, and if you are using a DCG version later than 2.36....did you get the latest Real Deal installed? And, the dcgwfront.zip file unzipped to the main DGen folder in FB? It rather sounds like DCG is expecting a certain file for the US campaign that isn't there - but again, I am guessing, and urge you to contact Paul. Or, perhaps Extreme_One will see this and may know the answer, if it has to do with any of the 3rd party files needed by DCG to generate a USA campaign.

Oh...and I see you made mention of a British Campaign. As far as I know, you would first need Extreme_one and Poymando's Battle Over Britain Campaign installed - then, to get a British campaign, you need to run DCG as a replacement for DGen. I think that is the only way, but if there is another, hopefully someone will chime in and help out here.

Sorry I can't be of more concrete assistance, but I have never run across that particular error. Best of luck....hope you get it sorted.


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