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01-29-2004, 03:44 PM
I just went on to QMB with a Hurricane against a C47...and i saved the track in the end...and the track played back perfectly, tracers and all....Is there something that i have to do that im missing?

01-29-2004, 03:44 PM
I just went on to QMB with a Hurricane against a C47...and i saved the track in the end...and the track played back perfectly, tracers and all....Is there something that i have to do that im missing?

01-29-2004, 03:47 PM
Offline works fine, online is where the problem is. They play fine in 1.21 though.

01-29-2004, 04:08 PM
Actually Ive had a different problem for a long time now. When I play air combat QMB everything is where it should be. But when I play against ground targets everything like motorbikes and trucks are where they should be but tanks and aaa (objects that fire back) are always around 5 seconds behind in the replay/tracks. Anyone know how to fix ???

01-29-2004, 05:33 PM
there have been big problems with the 'ntrk' system since the start... but no sign of any fix....
Something strange is happening to my 'quick...ntrk.' files!!
Are they mainly intended for On-line use?
Should we record a normal full .trk file, then use the quick....ntrk to edit it?
I have just written a mission which goes something like this....
There is a river crossing beside a destroyed bridge; a large build-up of tanks and other vehicles are arriving on the East bank awaiting their turn to cross; most are 'stationary objects' or 'stationary armour', but there are also artillery pieces, moving armour and a few vehicle columns moving down the route to the crossing. They cannot actually cross the temporary bridge, which is constructed of item 126 in the 'objects' menu.
On the West bank are some more 'stationary objects' vehicles and 'stationary armour' tanks which appear to have crossed. The road heading West from the destroyed bridge has a large column of German vehicles and tanks composed of 'stationary objects' only. Their purpose is to be destroyed in order to provide the scene with a 'burnt-out column' left by the retreating forces; because destroyed objects are not available as an item to be placed on the landscape, I have also put on the West bank several 'armour' tanks in one's, two's and three's which are waypointed to move down the enemy column, destroying every vehicle as they go. Artillery fire from the East bank also assist in the destruction.
Further to the West, the road goes past a wood, about 7 km. from the river crossing. In the area are several artillery pieces including Panzerwerfer rockets (the only ones with the range to reach the river.) These are the main target for the il2's in the mision, because they are threatening the bridgehead. Three German vehicle columns are on the move, starting half-way between the river and the wood, and waypointed to move along the road, past the wood, and to the edge of the city (Frankfurt-an-der-Oder).
The tanks on the West bank, having completed the desruction of the column, are waypointed to return to the bridgehead area. I did this, because the Panzerwerfers are firing at extreme range; so they are very inaccurate; but I wanted their fire to land sometimes at the bridgehead area and destroy the occasional vehicle; but they would only fire at the 'closest' enemy; so if I didn't withdraw the tanks, their eventual destruction by direct hits would need a long time to complete before fire was then switched to the next 'closest' enemy, the bridge area.
Now we come to the problem.............
Several times whilst flying the mission (personally or on Autopilot), I have started the Quicktrack recording as the il2's cross the river and are 'one minute to Target'. By this time, the german vehicle columns are passing the wood, except for a few victims of Katyusha fire; and the Russian tanks some of which are usually destroyed by 'friendly-fire' have returned from their column destruction to the bridge area. All continues normally....................I usually stop the quick track recording when the main action is over, or a Primary target complete message is given.
Upon viewing the quick...ntrk afterward............... it lies!
From the start of the quick...ntrk the russian tanks on the West bank are ressurected (if they were destroyed) and all returned to their start positions, and they move off once again on their original journey. They have nothing to do though, because the German destroyed vehicles remain destroyed. The second anomaly is like this..... all the AA equipped vehicles disappear from their columns (with appropiate gaps showing in the ranks) and return to restart from their first waypoints; the rest of the columns carrying on as usual from their real position. This means that the il2's are now flying over AAA before reaching the target, which did not occur in the actual mission.
I have yet to see any of the planes hit by this 'ghost' fire, so do not know if they could be destroyed in the .ntrk file when they weren't in the mission.
curiouser and curiouser..................
the mission is called 'Bridgehead!' and is available for download from www.sim-outhouse.com (http://www.sim-outhouse.com) and www.mudmovers.com (http://www.mudmovers.com)


the air side of things is probably working...
and I haven't tested to see if this happens only to the players army...