View Full Version : Looking for some players for both DZ & Incursions

Three Snowshoes
05-21-2016, 06:44 PM
Looking to hook up with 3-4 people for DZ play and Incursions. I have to say, I'd prefer bona fide adults. I can't handle the squeakers. Sorry, kids.

You MUST have a mic. Preference to those with good communication skills. While I don't generally go rogue intentionally except to contend for supply drops, I also believe in taking care of business where necessary. If someone hops in between you and your target and forces you to go rogue, finish the job and take on whatever comes after you from there. If someone shows up at a landmark after we're already there? You could get shot. If you're following our group around? You'll probably get shot. I don't believe in griefing people to death by ganging up on smaller groups, vastly under geared players, or people that are occupied with NPC's.

I'd also like to have some people with the capability to run diverse builds. I can run a pretty tanky DPS build, but find it incredibly boring. I prefer to run a 135K/62K/33K build that boosts my DPS through raw skill power buffs. It also enables my set up to benefit my teammates, which is huge.

At any rate, my gamer tag is the same as my handle on the forum. Cheers, and hope to hear back from some.