View Full Version : Mature gaming community seeking like minded Operators

05-19-2016, 05:03 PM
Legion of Honor is a community of Mature gamers and we are looking for like minded gamers like yourself to have fun first.
The Legion of Honor was created by a group of mature gamers who wished to have more freedom and fun while playing.
We believe that by using this fun based goal with a military structure, everyone will have many hours of enjoyment.
Join now and work as a team , develop tactics and strategies.

Don't delay check us our at legionofhonorclan.com

Please use NASTY BOY OO as a reference.

what our community has to offer

- a quality website where members can share thoughts,ideas, and other various topics
- a friends first approach
- military style rank structure and advancement opportunities
- TEAMWORK and a fun-first mentality.
- The Legion believes in maturity and respect in gaming, and seeks to recruit individuals who share that belief.
- we accept players of all skill levels
- and much more

Check us out! legionofhonorclan.com
don't forget to put referred by NASTY BOY OO