View Full Version : LF tight serious scandinavian group

05-17-2016, 08:11 AM

As topic say im looking for scandinavian group to play with. Needs to be pretty serious while playing and still have fun with alot of **** talk and so on :)
Im 34years old and play pretty much everyday after 8-9 swedish time:)

ATM im running pure DPS but i have alla gear sets and so on
My stats now is 271k dps, 82k HP and 12k skill power with 65% mitigation on armor ofcourse
Also lvl 94 DZ. Will be 99 before 1.2 comes out :)

My main play is ofcourse DZ and sure dont mind going rouge and hunt rouges down. Thats what i mainly do anyway
Ofcourse i do falcon alot to and i always wanne do the PVE stuff on farming modes so thats no problem for me.
Always up for new challenges :) And im not afraid of wiping alot while progressing
Have no problem with farming stuff either. Dz or mission or what ever

My PSN is Mattsson82 so feel free to add me or contact me here