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05-16-2016, 07:39 PM
In AC4 subject 0 tells us about an artifact that the Nazis have in 1940 France. In Unity helix rift we go to 1940's France but what was the artifact? Not the things you collect to get Altair armor. I mean First Civ artifact. What is it? Does anyone know? Or is it being saved for a later AC game?

05-16-2016, 09:26 PM
I don't think they ever confirmed what the artifact is or its current status. In the Subject 0 recordings they talk about an artifact that is hidden at the top of St. Petris (spelling) which is located near Miriam's (spelling) prison. Both of these locations are in Germany. Then her friend tells her to go find the artifact in St. Petris and then take it to the Assassins in France. But one of the last recordings indicate that the Nazis found an artifact matching the artifact that Miriam was supposed to find. We don't know for sure if the artifact found by the 3rd Reich is the same artifact that Miriam knew about, it could just be a coincidence that they found another PoE at that time or Miriam eventually broke after interrogation and told them where to find it or they found it without her "help". Even if they are the same one, we don't know if the Nazis took the artifact to France and Subject 0 was interrupted before they could go into any more detail about the artifact.

It might actually be a long time - assuming they even make a game that is completely set in the 20th century - before we hear about that artifact again. Or it could be as soon as next year when they reintroduce that PoE.