View Full Version : Suggestions for a Far Cry Primal DLC

05-15-2016, 07:43 PM

I have not finished yet the Far Cry Primal game I am at 32 % but here some suggestions.

- you could create a scenario of stonehenge and making some rituals
- would like to climb up trees and jump down to enemies.
- a scene were are to many enemies and I have no weapons and I have to flee and jump down a high waterfall and run away to a certain checkpoint were I get my weapons back.like in movie apocalypto 2006
- I miss hunting in groups the first minutes of the game were really cool. My weapons looked like toothpicks to the mamuts. But after that I saw only single hunting.
- miss conversations between the enemies (they stay only and wait to be attacked)
- also when they hear me they could say something with subtitles visible.
- it would be more interesting if some missions come to me for e.g. a woman cames to asks for help and points to the location where there familiy is being attacked by enemies or dangerous animals.

I hope you liked some of my ideas.

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