View Full Version : Making a new group specially for FL CM

05-11-2016, 11:46 AM
I m about to make a new group of friendly ppl to do FL CM every week.

I don't want elites super MLG pros who ask questions like it's an interview.

I wanna play with friendly folks who discuss strategy without being an a55hole.

If u wanna add me for anything u r welcome but for FL CM u have to be ready.

First timers also welcome.

Add me and we can discuss what role u play mostly and whatnot on psn The_crazy_guy__

Send me a screen shot of ur dps/hp/sp

05-12-2016, 05:17 AM
Tried finding you on PSN, unfortunately too many crazy guy

Add me up, PSN: jabberwockkid2

Currently playing 4 set tactician and trying out the "burrito" method.

Mic is preferred

05-12-2016, 11:13 PM
I'm interested not over *******y in my own mind. I can bring a second but he currently plays late est. superfaceaids.

05-12-2016, 11:40 PM
Ive done FL numerous times hard, now looking to get it done on challenging. I'd also like to try the burrito method, or any other that you might have. My main build is a DPS build. With 250K DPS, 84K Health, and 5K Stamina. GS 206. But I have most of the gear sets so I can bring a different build if it would better help the group. Add me if you are interested. Gamertag: neuron97

05-13-2016, 03:09 AM
I would be interested. Have been looking for a group to run Challenge, since the group I ran with fell apart. Have done Hard Mode many times but never completed Challenge but did get close. I am running a 4 piece Sentry set, high DPS character. Add me: B4llist1ks. Can send screen shot of load out and stats. Have mic, on west coast.

05-13-2016, 07:59 PM
Have run FL CM few times already using various methods.

I can run high dps/stam build (sentry), high stam/elec build (sentry), or 4 piece tactician build depending on what the group needs. Have mostly 214 and some 240.

Looking to finish my 240 sets.

Hit me up if you are serious minded, got the time, and aren't a ****** who barks orders. ;)

PSN: KK_5pr33

05-13-2016, 09:55 PM
198 GS willing to help done HM lots of times but have not had a group that was able to go pass wave 8

I am a smart A55 but not an A55 hole

PSN: ZonbiKappukeki

05-14-2016, 06:07 PM
I'm also looking for chill but serious people to finish challenging with. I've done challenging once but haven't been able to successfully pug it after that. Ya'll can add me if you need another one to run it. PSN: thisisnotanxbox. i run 191 GS 180k/65k/32k sentry or 201 GS 160k/70k/26k tactician build.

05-15-2016, 09:46 AM
Hey there, also looking for a group to do Incursion on CM

Currently lvl 30 - 77 Gearscore 200+
My setup is currently 4 sentry and 2 strker, can be changed as i have other gear sets.

I have completed Incursion on "hard mode" several times and looking for a strong team to beat "challenge mode", (i have made it to wave 11 with another group).
I also do Dark zone and regular challenge missions of course .

I play most evenings and weekends (central European time)

ad me if you want: kvisten79

05-17-2016, 07:13 PM
I'd be into running CM with a group. GS is 203-206. Have a few gear sets but I'm more DPS and avg health ATM. Made it to level 9 a few times but not any higher. You guys can add me and maybe we can pull it off. My PSN is Keifoon and I'm on the East Coast. Look me up if you need a 4th for whatever. See you in game.

05-18-2016, 09:50 AM
Thx everyone who replied. I m not gonna add anyone. If u want a team add me.

I will add u but I probably won't be trusting u with CM unless I see ur stats or if I cleared CM with u before.

Already finished CM this week on all characters but still would be willing to help considering how ur gear looks.

05-19-2016, 01:14 AM
My gear good bro I don't know how to send pics here but yea if your down just lemme know my psn Infinite4life and I don't follow other people strategies gear wise I have my own nomad set which is dope for surviving. Just trust me and we'll see