View Full Version : Please make the doors and installed the armored walls

05-04-2016, 04:58 AM
The following refers to the defense!
The more holes are open, the more confusing are the rooms. Often it happens that players their armored walls do not block, this is still you everywhere making holes in the walls and then run away or through one of these holes, to be shot. Then there is the sort of player who plays with the recruit and this has only a single armored wall. Many do not have a plan where you should build their walls, the same thing is with the different traps. Difficulty is also wen players who run like disturbed around the area. And who is a shot of the team, run this disturbed, in this direction and are mostly also killed. And then there are there are the players that somewhere, far away from the space you have to protect, lie down in the building and wait. And who you are lucky runs one or more past them, but most is not the case.
Many play on kills and not on the mission objective. These players have no patience and start from the defense out attack.
But all is not as bad as one of prematurely leaving the match and before that kills some Teamkamaraden. Please, who leaves her for every little **** the ranking match, catch but not even playing. The sort s I hate most!
Giving up before you have fought properly, is very weak and stupid. So please thinks more before you start the game.

05-06-2016, 06:08 PM