View Full Version : New to the Thread! Come chat about For Honor with Us!

05-04-2016, 03:35 AM
Hello everyone! So new to the thread, want to know your factions? What kind of game modes you are looking forward to?
Last thing, one thing you hope is in the full game when released?

Here's our answers:

>Faction The Legion: Knights all day baby!
>Hope there is a game mode like (Rush from Battlefield) where a invading team charges into a castle and takes objectives!
> I'm hoping full customization of characters is available (ex. armor, weapons, and colors)

>Faction Warborn: Because vikings plunder and loot and move on with life...
> I would like to see or have a type of duel game mod. This way you can show off your skills in a one on one battle
> I'm hoping that there will be a different single player storyline for each fraction

Let us know what you guys want!!

05-04-2016, 09:47 PM
Hello TheWhatReport,

Welcome in! It's always great to see new people in the community. I must say, I agree with Dakota. Vikings all day long! I hope you enjoy chatting with everyone here. If you ever need anything or have questions, don't hesitate to message me.

05-04-2016, 11:33 PM
welcome to the forums